Karl Krummenacher

Conversational Marketing – The next big thing

Use Conversational Marketing Magic To Earn Your Customers’ Trust Have you noticed that in these times of information overkill, it’s hard to feel listened to? Most interactions, especially as consumers, tend to leave us feeling a little empty, maybe even a little used. It’s not anyone’s fault, necessarily, just a symptom of our “move quickly… Read More

Creating Your Content Marketing Calendar

If Content Is King, Your Content Marketing Calendar Is Queen Have you ever noticed that when you have an angry customer on the phone, the dog is barking, the tax bill just arrived, and your network just inexplicitly quit working, it’s hard to come up with a decent Twitter post? We’ve all been there. It… Read More

How To Launch a Podcast

If you want to grow your brand, launching a podcast may be right for you. It can be inexpensive, and it helps you tap into a huge audience quickly. Because podcasts are digital, they cost less than traditional marketing methods, and they are time-efficient. Your audience can listen at any time at their convenience and… Read More

How To Write for Your Audience

When most people think of health writing, rarely does creative writing come to mind. Instead, people may think of medical journals on advances in medicine or news articles on the dismal state of health care in America. However, there’s a big difference between the content that medical professionals read and what consumers need to make… Read More

SEO 101

Let’s face it. Having a business website is no longer optional. If you want customers to find your business, whether online or at a physical address, they must be able to learn about you by using an online search. This means understanding a thing or two about SEO to ensure the search engines index your… Read More

The Top Tools for Social Media Marketing

According to an Entrepreneur article, 90% of marketers report that social media contributed to an increase in exposure for their brand. In fact, with the help of the best social media marketing tools, spending just six hours per week on social media could create an increase in leads. Many companies have also learned that social… Read More