Karl Krummenacher

How to Set up Your Business up to Scale and Exit

Let me ask you a question. Did you go in business because you needed a job, wanted better income, or because you wanted to create an asset – a business that, over time, could produce revenue from a source other than your direct labor? I’m pretty sure it’s not because you wanted to work longer… Read More

How to Use Social Media to Inspire Others

Now, it’s absolutely true that you need to know what the outcomes are that you want in your life. You need to have real clarity about how you show up in the world. What is the activity you’re doing? What’s your life look like? But many times the vehicle that gets you there isn’t what you… Read More

Whispering Your Way Onto Stages

7 to 10 times better.  That’s how much greater impact you have on people when you speak on a stage.  And in the mindshare Community – no one knows stages like Pete Vargas – CEO of Advance your reach – except for maybe JJ – who has built her brand and audience leveraging stages for… Read More

Dr C’s Business Journey

Have you ever met someone you just instantly respect?  Someone who, for what could be an unexplainable reason you simply admire for how they show up in the world? That’s the feeling many people I know have when they meet Dr. Alan Christianson.  But it wasn’t always that way for Alan. Born with Cerebral Palsey,… Read More

The Alter Ego Effect

Nothing’s more frustrating than ending your day and putting your head on a pillow and beating yourself up saying, “Why didn’t I say that to that person?” or “Why didn’t I raise my hand?” or “Why didn’t I speak up?” or “Why didn’t I take action?” “Why didn’t I close that sale when that person… Read More