Kirsten Baker

Nootropic Webinar

How to Experience the Ultimate Mental States Every Day Friday, May 7, 2021 Karl Krummenacher interviews Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant of BiOptimizers As a health professional and entrepreneur, the demands on you and your time can feel endless. But what if there was a way to smoothly and calmly shift your brain into “hyper-performance… Read More

Harnessing the Power of Online Marketing to Amplify Your Message

Hey, everybody! Welcome to this episode of the Mindshare Mindcast, where today we’re talking about healthy moms and healthy dads. Our guest today is Dr. Anthony Balduzzi. He is a health weight loss expert and the founder of the Fit Father Project and the Fit Mother Project, a leading health and weight loss program for… Read More

The Tapping Solution: Revolutionary Strategies to Reduce Stress and Pain for Yourself and Your Patients

Hey, everybody. Welcome to this episode of the Mindshare Mindcast where today our guest is Nicholas Ortner. He’s the CEO of the Tapping Solution, a company with a mission to bring into the mainstream – a simple, effective natural healing method known as emotional freedom technique, EFT, or tapping. You’ve probably heard of it. You’re… Read More

Big Bold Health: Take Control of Your Immunity

Hey everybody, it’s Karl – and welcome to this episode of the Mindshare Mindcast where JJ and I bring you the leading innovators in health and wellness. And today, we’re honored to have with us, Doctor Jeffrey Bland. Doctor Bland’s a professor of biochemistry at the University of Puget Sound, a research director at the… Read More