Mindshare Collaborative

Mindshare’s Commitment to Social and Racial Justice 

We founded Mindshare Collaborative with the goal of helping health and wellness professionals with their businesses so that they could expand their positive impact and serve a broader community. Given our commitment to that mission, it is painful to see the challenges facing our community and our nation today, specifically concerning the longstanding and systemic… Read More

What Is A Content Marketing Funnel? | Content Marketing Part 4

If you’ve read our content marketing series, you are now equipped with the Importance of Content Marketing (Part 1), your Content Marketing Needs (Part 2), and How To Create The Perfect Content Marketing Plan (Part 3). So what’s next? The Content Funnel. What Is a Content Funnel? A Content Funnel, generally speaking, has three stages… Read More

Use Double Opt-Ins and Email Subject Line A/B Testing To Increase Your Open Rate

If you want to increase your email open rate, it’s pretty simple – optimize your email subject lines and split test what’s working. Now let’s get into the details. Double Opt-Ins and Email Subject Line A/B Testing 1. Avoid Ineffective Email Subject Lines by Using A/B Testing When it comes to email campaigns, your goal… Read More

What is Content Marketing? | Content Marketing Part 1

Is content marketing part of your overall marketing strategy? Because if done right, content marketing can attract new prospects, increase your sales, and strengthen your business. In this three-part Content Marketing Guide, we will go over what your content marketing program needs to succeed, how to measure and establish metrics for success, the players in… Read More

18 Curveball Interview Questions That Will Get You The Truth

Trying to find the perfect hire? Well, good luck because with all the different resources available online, candidates know how to answer your interview questions before you even ask them. Enter the Curveball Interview Questions. A List Of Curveball Interview Questions You Can Ask Anyone Let me first say that asking curveball interview questions is… Read More