5 Easy Tips to Better Your Blogging

So you want to be a better blogger? Writers have different styles when it comes to blogging, but these 5 tips can take your blogging from good to great while keeping your unique voice.


1. Pay Attention to the Introduction

Pay Attention to the Introduction | Easy Tips to Better Your Blogging
Keep it brief. Instead of filling up space, get to the point with curiosity building sentences that pull the reader in. After all, it’s significantly easier to keep someone reading than it is to get them started.

Jon Morrow is GREAT at introductions that move the reader from point A to point B.

pay attention to introduction | 5 Easy Tips to Better Your Blogging

After an opener like that, you can’t keep yourself from reading the next sentence.

2. Leave Them Hanging

An Open Loop reveals a gain that will be further discussed later in the piece. Just think of any one of your favorite shows. They’ll cut to commercial or end the episode with a scene that leaves you hanging and wanting to tune back in for more. It’s exactly the same when writing content. Throw in a tease early on to keep them engaged till the end.

3. Break Up the Content

Break Up the Content | Easy Tips to Better Your Blogging
Your article might be a phenomenal piece, but if it looks intimidating you have a good chance of scaring off your reader before they even start. Your paragraphs shouldn’t contain more than 4-5 sentences and if you feel like you need more, then you’re not getting to the point fast enough.

Whenever possible, make use of…

  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Subheadings
  • Images
  • Bolding
  • Italics

…to break up chunks of text.

4. Write Captivating Headlines

Headlines need to capture the idea, but be more than just a statement.

Check out a couple of headlines from a cooking blog…

  • Best Crockpot Recipes
  • Easy Potluck Recipes

Pretty straight to the point, but with a little twist and about 10 seconds of creativity…

  • 10 Best Crockpot Recipes With a Kick
  • 7 Easy Potluck Recipes for Your Next Party

Now tell me, which one of these would you rather read?

5. Don’t Forget to Close

Would anyone in their right mind share your article or opt in to a lead magnet after the introduction? Probably, not. That normally happens at the conclusion. Now your close doesn’t have to be phenomenal, but it does have to tie it all up nicely. If nothing else, simply restate the intro and ask for comments below.


infographic | Better Blogging Tips | Mindshare

Check out this video for the easy tips to better your blogging:


So there you have it. 5 tips to improve your blogging skills! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below… sound familiar?

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