Live Webinars: 5 Top Tips and Tools for Webinar / Masterclass Success

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Okay, here we go!  The truth is that getting registrants for your live event is literally step ZERO. Getting them to show up at all is step #1. And getting them to show up LIVE is your ace card!  

Here are 5 tips to help get them on and KEEP them on live, while you educate and offer your compelling next steps (High Ticket Offer? D-I-Y Program? Coaching Bundle? Etc., etc. The sky’s the limit!)

Someone willing to prioritize your live training is proclaiming their readiness to dig deep and do more.

First, in your pre-event / countdown marketing, highlight that those who prioritize this and join you LIVE get a very VIP gift + a discount to your upcoming _____. Also, make sure you say that only LIVE attendees will get the slides and handouts, and deliver those slides at the END of your presentation (mention that a few times) by having them download from the top of your offer’s sales page! 

  1. Use your live webinar to “seed” the offer you’re going to make.  How about using your live webinar or masterclass as a sneak peek into what you’re selling?  Share your screen, open the program and say, “Today, I’m teaching a lesson from my upcoming course on __________.

  2. Teach your slides directly from inside your program, if possible, so you can show the course WHILE you get to the slides – and keep showing them the course! Showcase the modules, share the studies… etc., etc.

  3. Weave in testimonials – in fact, why not invite some previous graduates or attendees to your program(s) to be on to share their 1-minute shout out about your work?

    Or if you don’t have that, mention that you’ve mentored or worked with (and list leaders or recognized names in your field or the world in general).  Been on stage with someone big? This is the place to share that.

  4. USING the LIVE COUPON CODE: “I really appreciate you all coming to this webinar. I know you have so many other things to do. Honestly, it shows that you are serious about getting and staying well.”

    [Try saying this next part like it’s a secret.] “Listen this isn’t going to be for everybody, but I want to STOP the recording to honor the hundreds of you here, live, with me right now. And I want to give you an extra special coupon just for being here. The code is TODAY. I want to honor your expansion and commitment to your journey.  This code TODAY is just for you.  TODAY, you can remember that, right?.


    Don’t say when the coupon expires. It’s implied it’s that day, but it can end whenever you want.

    BONUS tip: Have someone on your team post in the chat, as a participant: “Wait, where’s the link again?” And you share the link to the offer again.

  5. Remind your live attendees about the details and value of your offer, before you end. Here’s an example of what to do at the end of your webinar. 
    • First, remind them you gave free content: “Oh my gosh, we’ve spent almost ____ minutes together, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this free content.
    • Outline the details: Let me remind you a little bit about the course. Registration goes until ___ and we begin _____. The class is delivered over ____ months.
    • Highlight the value:  Example: You’ll have 24-7 access to the modules / materials, and you get ___ live Q&As. I also have an amazing faculty to support you and the other members in the peer group.
    • Showcase the offer / savings: Normally, the price of this course would be several thousand dollars, but right now, during this special introduction period, the price is almost ____ off. I hope you’ll join us.
    • Create urgency: For the first ___ who sign up, they also get a ___-minute strategy session with me, personally (or you can offer a coach, etc.)

    I hope this was helpful. The Mindshare Collaborative Community has launched THOUSANDS of webinars and masterclasses, and we have the privilege of using that combined wisdom to support YOU!

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