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18 Curveball Interview Questions That Will Get You The Truth

Trying to find the perfect hire? Well, good luck because with all the different resources available online, candidates know how to answer your interview questions before you even ask them. Enter the Curveball Interview Questions. A List Of Curveball Interview Questions You Can Ask Anyone Let me first say that asking curveball interview questions is… Read More

What Is The Ideal Length Of A Post? | Beginners Guide for Writing Digital Content

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the ideal length of a post?” It’s a great question that should be asked for your blogs, email subject lines, social posts… all your digital content really. Lucky for you, we’ve tapped into some resources and leaders in these different fields to answer that question for you. Do You Know… Read More

Copywriting Elements You Need to Test

Fact: Copywriting is tough. You may have an amazing offer, but if it’s not engaging and well articulated for your reader, a conversion will be difficult. THANKFULLY, there is one aspect of copywriting that is incredibly easy – testing how well your copy is performing. Before you start doing a major overhaul of all your… Read More

How To Increase Email Opens and Click-Through Rates

There are two primary factors that go into email performance metrics. List hygiene and your content strategy and copy. Hygiene may be the easiest.  Most people collect email opt-ins like they are, in fact, collectible. The truth is, the more your list grows, the greater the number of people who are not engaged.  Why doe… Read More