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4 Fast and Genius Ways to Deliver Great Content

You want AMAZING content, but don’t have the time to write it. Does that sound like you? As a health influencer, you have a business to run with a million things pulling you in a million different directions. We get it. And what’s worse? It’s no longer just a matter of wanting great content, but… Read More

Build Your Editorial Plan in 10 Minutes

For most entrepreneurs, blogging isn’t their number one priority. I doubt most people will deny it’s value, but let’s face it, life gets busy and the list of urgent fires that need putting out seems never-ending. Without a proper editorial plan, you’re flying blind. The good news: it’s not hard to create one. I’m going… Read More

5 Easy Tips to Better Your Blogging

So you want to be a better blogger? Writers have different styles when it comes to blogging, but these 5 tips can take your blogging from good to great while keeping your unique voice.   1. Pay Attention to the Introduction Keep it brief. Instead of filling up space, get to the point with curiosity… Read More

All Marketing Should Start With The Customer Avatar

Before you start marketing a product or service, you need to identify and understand who your ideal customer. What do they value? Where are they spending their time? What are their challenges or problems? The answer to these questions will help build your customer avatar and as a result, have a huge impact on the… Read More