How to Design Your Own Niche, Build Authority and Create a Process with Impact

Hey, everybody. Welcome to this episode of the Mindshare Mindcast where today we’ve taken some time with one of our amazing members doing big things in the community, Dr. Meghan Walker, who is a naturopathic doctor and entrepologist focusing on the health optimization of entrepreneurs and game changes, like you guys. She is the host of the Entrepology Podcast, the founder of Entrepology Labs and the creator of the women’s performance supplement line Badass Fuel. And then of course, chief cheerleader and clinician of Business Labs, a platform to assist clinician scale and amplify their businesses.

Wow, Meghan, when do you have any free time? You got kids too. Welcome to the Mindcast.

Show Notes

  • Leveraging Entrepology for physicians and entrepreneurs  [2:51]
  • The importance of identifying your niche as an entrepreneur [4:30]
  • A.C.T.I.O.N. steps [10:36]
  • Pitfalls to avoid [14:17]
  • How COVID is shifting practices in medicine [17:58]


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