Imagine a trusted platform where holistic health solutions are just a click away—welcome to KnoWEwell. This episode features Kimberly Whittle, CEO of KnoWEwell, and Dr. Brian Stenzler, Vice President of Operations, as they explore the transformative world of regenerative whole health. Learn how KnoWEwell is revolutionizing access to holistic health resources and empowering individuals on their healing journeys.

Kimberly shares her inspiring journey that led to the creation of KnoWEwell, highlighting its mission to bridge the gap between health practitioners and those seeking holistic solutions. 

Dr. Brian delves into the platform’s unique features and how it serves as a trusted source for both practitioners and individuals. Discover how KnoWEwell is setting new standards in the health and wellness industry.

Don’t miss out on insights about the future vision of KnoWEwell and its potential impact on healthcare. This episode is packed with valuable information for anyone looking for a trusted source to find holistic health resources, connect with practitioners, and explore regenerative whole health. Plus, check out our FREE E-book, “The Health Professionals Playbook for Adding Multiple Streams of Income,” to learn proven strategies for growing your income without being tied to your practice 24/7. Download it here:


[00:02:13] Personal journey into health industry.

[00:06:27] Integrative health medicine.

[00:07:11] Functional medicine transformation.

[00:12:15] Journey from doctor to operations.

[00:15:53] Online course industry connections.

[00:18:48] The genesis of KnoWewell.

[00:22:27] Regenerative whole health.

[00:26:21] Entrepreneurial journey and perseverance.

[00:29:25] Meeting readers where they are.

[00:32:11] Building community employers and employees.

[00:34:12] Trusted source for health businesses.

[00:38:44] A new approach to healthcare.

[00:41:07] Diving into specific challenges.

Memorable Quotes

“Our mission is truly to be that paradigm shift, to transform healthcare by inspiring and empowering individuals with today’s regenerative whole health knowledge, resources, community, to proactively and collaboratively prevent harm, address through causes of chronic disease, and create happy, healthy, abundant, purpose-filled living for recalled wealthier living today.” [00:10:43] – Kimberly Whittle

“Mainstream is going to be changing because this is what people want. They’re demanding it, and they need a place to go. And there is not a doubt in my mind that KnoWewell is the place where they’re going to go. If you’re a provider and you want to help people in a natural way, and you have a different vision, KnoWewell is where you want to be. If you’re a member, if you’re an individual, if you’re a family, if you’re an employer, an employee, KnoWewell is where you want to get that information from.” [00:39:50] – Dr. Brian Stenzler

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