Innovative approaches to psychiatry are transforming mental health care, and Dr. Daniel Amen is at the forefront of this revolution. Dr. Daniel, a renowned Psychiatrist and innovator in the field of mental health, didn’t just transform psychiatry; he built a thriving health business by pioneering brain imaging technology. Tune in as he shares invaluable insights on understanding business margins and the need for a structured approach to fuel your mission. From the challenges in the field to his ambitious goal of ending mental illness, Dr. Daniel’s journey is both inspiring and educational. Learn how brain health impacts overall well-being and discover practical strategies for scaling your health business.

In this episode, Dr. Daniel opens up about the importance of a clear mission and how it can drive your success. Gain a deeper understanding of the role brain imaging plays in mental health and why structured business practices are crucial. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your health business to the next level, Dr. Daniel’s advice is a game-changer. This conversation is packed with actionable tips and groundbreaking ideas that will leave you eager to implement them in your own practice.

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[00:01:36] Innovation in psychiatry.

[00:04:58] Psychiatry without brain examination.

[00:09:35] Overcoming rejection and perseverance.

[00:14:26] ESOP employee ownership plan.

[00:20:08] The end of mental illness.

[00:20:22] Neurology vs. psychiatry.

[00:25:55] Taking risks in television.

[00:29:22] Brain health coaching certification course.

[00:35:44] Breakthroughs in science and change.

[00:37:15] Foundation for changing psychiatric medicine.

[00:41:33] The importance of hiring the right person.

[00:44:57] The rule of 12.

Memorable Quotes

“Marketing is so important and not to be ashamed of it, not to be anxious about it, but to embrace it. If you love what you do and what you do is good and has a margin, you want to share it with people.” [00:23:37] – Dr. Daniel Amen

“As a professional, you say the same thing over and over again. Start writing down what you say, write down the hundred top things you say in your business to help people, and then film each of them in under a minute. And it works. It’s magical.” [00:44:25] – Dr. Daniel Amen

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