4 Fast and Genius Ways to Deliver Great Content

You want AMAZING content, but don’t have the time to write it. Does that sound like you? As a health influencer, you have a business to run with a million things pulling you in a million different directions. We get it. And what’s worse? It’s no longer just a matter of wanting great content, but a matter of needing great content because of these three important reasons.

  • Keep your email list warm and happy
  • Retarget visitors back to your content
  • Make offers in the content

Let’s dive right into it! Here are 4 quick ways to acquire high-quality content without spending hours on your computer.

1. Embed an expert video

This is about as simple as it gets. Begin with a short introduction to set the stage, find a YouTube video from an expert in your vertical or niche and then provide a response to what’s discussed in the video. The majority of the content is provided by your hand-selected expert so it’s low impact on your busy schedule, but high value to your audience. Also, by providing an analysis you’re still portrayed as an authority to your reader so don’t be concerned that the main content isn’t coming from you. At the end of the day, you’re providing value through YOUR blog.

2. Content Curation

Content Collector | Fast and Genius Ways to Deliver Great Content

All this requires is some time to search for solid, relevant content related to the subject you will write about, writing a summary/review, and then providing links to the original article. A great place to start may be PubMed where you can find relevant research related to your blog topic.  Very little of the content has to be written by you, but don’t take this as a license to copy or appropriate anyone else’s owrk or ideas.  Summarize the research in your own words, link to the relevant articles and provide a bibliography.  Curation of substantiated research is a great way to provide credible, vetted and relevant content to your audience.

I know what you’re thinking right about now, “the goal is to keep them on my blog, isn’t it?” Well if you do this right, you’ll win fans AND get “Google points” for it too.

List posts work great for this strategy. You’ve seen these before. Let’s say the topic of your article is, “10 Simple Ways to a Healthier Life.” All you have to do is provide 10 links to relevant, on-topic content that describe how to accomplish the different ways to a healthier life. (ie. smart eating, fitness, personal well-being, etc). So how are you winning fans? These are the types of articles that readers bookmark and come back to time and time again. And guess what? Google will love that you’re providing links within your content to sites with authority. Win/win in your SEO book.

3. Interview an Expert

If you ask an expert to write an article for you, I’d be impressed if they even replied back. And to no fault of their own because, really, who wants to be doing your work? However, if you ask them for an interview, you’ll find a lot more experts willing to take time out of their day for you. That’s because it’s a win/win.

Send over a list of questions for the expert to answer or even better, hop on a call and record the conversation. For the busy expert, this takes out the lengthy step of having to write. You can then transcribe the conversation’s main points or throw the audio link directly onto your blog.

4. Collaboration Post

Collaboration Post | Fast and Genius Ways to Deliver Great Content

This is a personal favorite for quickly creating great blog content. The idea is similar to item 2, Content Curator, in that you’re using multiple outside resources to build an amazing article. However, instead of a general topic, you’ll want your network of experts to answer a single question. By pulling their responses together, you’ll get a multi-faceted answer to your question.

Here’s how it works. Write an email describing what you do, the purpose of your article and the question you would like answered. Send it to 5 to 20 experts and colleagues and as their responses come in, aggregate these answers into a single post.

Pro tips when reaching out:

  • Mention someone who is already participating in your collaboration post…no one likes to be first
  • If you don’t personally know the contact, let them know if you’ve been a  fan and that want to share their genius with your own community.  (Pro tip: Be a Go-Giver, not a Go-Getter.  Start by asking what you could do to support them)
  • When you receive replies, be gracious, accommodating, but provide the collaborator with a deadline.  Everyone is busy.  Requests without priority rarely get done.

At the end of this process, you’ll likely have a great piece of content loaded with expert opinions just from sending out a handful of emails. You can also do this by simply surveying experts about their opinion regarding a particular topic (Similar to the way magazine writers do).  Then, curate, order and consolidate the answers into a post which provides clear attribution to each contributor.

Start scheduling these 4 types of posts into your editorial calendar. Not only will your time spent on blog writing drastically decrease, but you’ll add a variety of posts that add incredible value to your library of content.

infographic | 4 Fast and Genius Ways to Deliver Great Content | Mindshare

Do you have any experience with these four types of content? Share with us in the comments below!

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