Marketing Strategy Example: The Thank You Page

Have you been to a major theme park lately? It’s filled with incredible marketing tactics that digital marketers have translated into high converting strategies. Let’s take Disneyland’s most iconic ride “It’s a Small World” as an example. You get in line, hop into a slow boat, hum the “It’s a small world after all” song in your head until it bursts, and finally, you exit through the gift shop. All the items in the gift shop are filled with the Small World characters that you just saw. It’s not filled with Star Wars paraphernalia (even though it’s still related to Disneyland) but instead, the cute, multi-cultural, eternally happy plushies of ‘Small World’.

Exit Through The Gift Shop (AKA The Thank You Page)

It’s definitely not a happy coincidence. What the genius Illuminati at Disneyland know about you is this: You just rode ‘It’s a Small World’ (and the song is probably stuck in your head). If you waited in line to ride this average ride, the chances are high that you’d also be interested in the ride-themed souvenirs (or at least your screaming child will be, as they throw a tantrum in the middle of the shop screaming for a Small World plushie). The logic is sound and congruent. They could just leave you alone to head to your next ride… But why miss the opportunity to make more revenue? Enter the thank you page.

The thank you page (or confirmation page) is where your customer or new lead lands after converting from a sale or lead magnet. There are 4 elements that a thank you page should include:

  1. Confirm the sale. The thank you page should verify the transaction of your customer and thank them.
  2. Ensure Analytics. A visit to the page should tally up in analytics as a successful sale. Use this piece of data to check the actual number of sales to ensure that analytics are correct.
  3. Tell them what to expect next. Whether it’s a shipping time or email they should look out for, tell them what to expect next.
  4. Tell them what to do next. Why end it here? Send them to the gift shop with another congruent offer, invite them to go like your Facebook page, or better yet, send them to a similar piece of content that will provide value to your new customer or lead making them extra sticky.

Too many marketers are missing opportunities from the thank you page. Read on to see more tactics below.

Expert Examples of Effective Thank You Pages

We marketers like to learn from each other’s successes (and mistakes). The marketing opportunity of the humble Thank You page isn’t something that’s cutting edge. In fact, It’s been around for a while. Let’s dive into President Barak Obama’s 2008 election campaign.

President Barack Obama – Thank You, Now Donate

After subscribing to his campaign news, here was the thank you page:

His team understood that subscribers who wanted to receive emails from the Obama campaign might also want to contribute as well. After all, a visitor had committed to their call-to-action. As we know, that’s tough to do. Rather than end the funnel there, the thank you page kept the momentum going by converting them into a donor. A congruent ‘exit through the gift shop’ move, Mr. President. Respect.

Here’s another example of a thank you page that kept the ball rolling but in a different way.

Nature Box – Thank You, Now Buy

Nature Box is a subscription box for snack lovers who are looking for unique and healthy treats. They ran a Facebook contest to win a free Nature Box. After signing up, this is what their thank you page looked like:

Notice there are a few key things happening:

  • Acknowledgment of their entry into the contest
  • When they can expect the result of the contest (1 week)
  • But hey, why not get 50% OFF YOUR 1ST BOX NOW with this coupon code
  • BTW, you can increase your chance to win by sharing the contest with your buddies
    • Oh, and share it in whatever way is most convenient for you

What a great way to nurture a contestant into a potential buyer. It’s an irresistible offer: why wait a week to find out if you’ve won, when you can win now with this 50% off coupon? Pretty nifty.

Hubspot – Thank You, Now Call Us

Fair warning: other marketers may disagree with our opinion below because it seems “too forward”. We think it’s pretty genius. Here’s what happens after you sign up for HubSpot’s internet marketing lead magnet:

There are quite a few things happening here to take note of when you create your own thank you page:

  • Download the lead magnet now (I was also emailed the lead magnet. This is a fail-safe plan that ensures the lead receives what’s promised)
  • Email this to a friend who might find this useful (gets sent to the lead magnet squeeze page to create a cycle of leads generated)
  • Lead magnet hype (bullet points telling me everything I will learn, love this tactic)
  • Call us for help (here’s where other marketers may say “whoa. slow down.”)

A lead who is interested in the “essentials” of digital marketing is more than likely new to the show. If they’re not brand new to marketing, then chances are high that it may be other marketers making sure they have their bases covered. Either way, could they not use some help? Someone to bounce ideas off of? An expert who can assist with those essential elements listed within the lead magnet itself, perhaps?

Absolutely. And Hubspot doesn’t stop there. The signup form has a qualifying question (what is your role), and a data generator (what is your biggest challenge). Talk about 2 birds with one thank you page. There’s a lot to be inspired by here.

Some closing notes and lasting tips for your Thank You page:

Keep things congruent.

If your lead magnet is a recipe book for healthier meals, don’t try to send them to a weight loss supplement Thank You page. You don’t know if your client is into supplements. You do, however, know that they’re wanting to eat healthier.

Instead, send them related content pieces that will earn their trust and provide value. An auto-responder or two later, and your lead should be nurtured enough for you to present the first offer. On that note:

Don’t be creepy.

There is a natural progression of things. Take the time to go step by step: indoctrinate, nurture, give value, earn trust, before you hammer them with offer after offer. You’ll have a warmer lead for the sale and might even gain a fan of your brand.

Tell them what they’re getting next.

It’s a thank you page. You confirm their action, thank them, and tell them what to expect next. Whether it’s an email, a shipping time, a call, a hug… whatever it is that they need to expect next from you, tell them.

Here is why you should test “Thank You” pages on your site in this video from DigitalMarketer:

Visit our facebook group and share screenshots or links to your thank you pages! We’re here to help and give you our opinions on how to grasph every opportunity.
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