Show Up in 2 Ways at Mindshare

Show Up in 2 Ways at Mindshare

Because Mindshare is a community open by referral only, everyone at the Summit is special. Really special.

So there’s no doubt that you’ll come to Mindshare as an expert in your field, someone who’s created success while helping others. And it can be a little intimidating to be surrounded by so many other experts in health & wellness. Awesome, but intimidating!

To make sure that you get the most out of the community, and that you participate fully in the experience, we’re going to suggest that you show up in two ways:

  1. Show up as a go-giver. Listen with the intent to understand, help and support those you meet. It’s amazing how this opens doors and new opportunities. Be bold. Show your brilliance, and your knowledge. (One way to do this is to share a book or product with the Mindshare community – read below for details on that!)

    You’re sharing what you know that works, what you’ve succeeded with, and you’re living into one of JJ’s favorite phrases ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’ If you pull back from sharing your greatness, you don’t have as much to give. You have to be bold, and claim your expertise, in order to be a go-giver.
  2. Show up with a beginner’s mind.
    Because you already know things that are effective, you may believe that you’ve got certain parts of your health & wellness business handled. But what if there was a next level for you, one that you hadn’t even considered? Showing up with a ‘beginner’s mind’, being open to all the ideas and feedback that flow at the Mindshare Summit, is a great way to see new possibilities to grow in your income, and your impact.

We’re starting the ‘go-giver’ process here, with something to make your arrival easier!

Ever get to an event at a big resort and wonder where you’re supposed to go?

Because the Mindshare Summit is held at the beautiful and sprawling Rancho Bernardo Inn,
JJ & I recorded this 5-minute video walking you through the resort, so you’ll know exactly where registration is, the ballroom is, and more.

Even if you’ve been to the Mindshare Summit before, watching this video is a great reminder!

Got questions about the Summit? You can contact us here!