Create Your Own SuperFans Through Podcasting

Hey everybody, welcome to this episode of Mindshare Mindcast, where today, we’re with my good friend Pat Flynn, who’s a father, husband, entrepreneur, lives and works right here in San Diego, California. He is also the creator of the wildly popular website and blog, Smart Passive Income. You definitely want to check that out. Pat is an architect by training and wanted a better future for a more family friendly lifestyle so he committed to learning how to start a successful online business and has shared his journey with his followers on his blog, and the Ask Pat Podcast.

Those two properties alone, Smart Passive Income blog and Ask Pat podcast have a combined total of, get this, over 60 million hits! Recently, Pat and his partner created a new camera tripod which has had an incredibly successful launch through crowdfunding. And so, I’m really excited to introduce you to my fellow San Diegan. Pat, welcome to the Mindshare Mindcast.

Show Notes

  • Pat’s journey and the influence of podcasting [1:30]
  • Cultivating a relationship to create Super Fans [17:40]
  • The art of storytelling to be remembered [26:15]
  • Embracing your beginnings as your success rises [29:04]


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