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Do you feel overwhelmed … anxious, even aggravated about your progress?

What if I told you that several health and wellness experts, authors and influencers who were once in your exact same position are now reaching their audience and making an impact, running successful businesses using my Success Blueprint with total confidence, focus and clarity …

simply by leveraging the power of an authentic ‘expert brand’ that allowed them to finally beat overwhelm and connect with the audience that needs their special gift?

“Without question, getting clarity about your who you serve and the results you provide is essential to bringing your message online.”

Just let me ask you this:

Would hearing more about this new method interest you if I VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED it would save you months, even years of continued heartache and disappointment?

Keep reading and you’ll see exactly how other health and wellness experts are achieving success, and how you can too… creating your own roadmap to success and gaining total brand clarity in less than 3 days. 

I’ll also reveal the “one thing” that has empowered our most successful wellness experts to step off the hamster wheel of self-doubt and kick frustration to the curb, but first let me explain…

Why Should You Listen to Me?

It took me more than 10 years of trial and error to figure out the simple formula that made some health and wellness experts wildly successful, while others continued to struggle to find their voice, build their brand, and develop an audience.

I Had No Roadmap

Like you, when I started out, I didn’t have a roadmap to follow, just a burning desire to make a meaningful impact with a simple, lifestyle business that had growth potential.

I spent years and literally 100’s of thousands of dollars on coaches, programs, and courses before I reverse engineered a repeatable formula and unlocked the code for my business. It was painful (and costly).

Before I started coaching other health entrepreneurs, I had to be sure that it not only worked for me, but for virtually anyone who is willing to follow my proven blueprint for getting complete brand clarity.

On my journey, there were countless times when I thought to myself, “Maybe I should just quit?” and those moments when I lost all confidence in my abilities to help others, let alone help myself.

Day Everything Changed

I remember the day when everything changed for me. It clicked like a light bulb once I found a coach I could trust and I began to “Unlearn” the years of bad advice, programming by the media and my own mistaken beliefs.

At this point in my life, I had no other choice but to succeed and I decided then, that this time it would be different…

Using the blueprint that I created, and with the guidance of my coach, I vowed to do exactly what I was coached to do, and in spite of a massive family challenge, launched my first of 4 New York Times Best Selling Books.

Yes, you heard that right… not just one, but 4 New York Times Best Sellers!

It’s amazing what you can achieve when the right coach helps you stay on track and finally get out of your own way…

Beware of Imposter Syndrome.

There are still days when I wake up in total disbelief of how, not long ago, I was at the end of my rope.

I had what many call “Imposter Syndrome.” I didn’t feel worthy of the authority and status that I was striving to achieve.

I was constantly seeking more validation, more accreditations, and professional designations, fearing that my peers and even customers would judge me as a fraud and failure.

If left unchecked, Imposter Syndrome can easily cause you to procrastinate and risk someone taking a leadership position that you could have earned as your own…

…or even worse, it could be the reason that you run out of capital, energy, and time before turning your passion into a profitable business that supports the lifestyle you want.

With the right blueprint, and the right coaches, nailing your expert brand is easy, fun and empowering!

But without them it can be frustrating, expensive and scary.

One of the things that I discovered while studying the most successful members of our community was that you don’t need to learn everything before you get started and begin earning income from your expertise.

And that you CAN make substantial income by creating a positive impact!

A common myth that many well-meaning people in our industry still cling to is that health and wellness entrepreneurs who earn good incomes, must be doing something illegal… or are simply bad people….

The truth is that whenever the price paid for real results is less then the value of the results achieved, you’ve done real good in the world.  

Which, in turn creates more balance and freedom in your life!

Transformational leaders understand this.  They know that their message will change lives, and that they are worthy of the compensation they receive for the results they provide.

If you’re still struggling with too many choices, trying to model other experts while trying to find your own voice, I’ve discovered that…

It May Not Be Your Fault

Let me explain…

New members and even seasoned professionals of our community are still confused about where to start getting traction to grow their reach outside their practice walls.

Just like them, you’ve probably “discovered” the plethora of training available to get a book published, launch a course, or build a funnel, and are overwhelmed with it all. (I was.)

Don’t fall for all the pre-packaged “solutions”… it’s not the place you need to start – even though it can appear to you as the answer to all your problems.

You may have thought… wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a “Do this, then that…” step-by-step plan?

Packaged and everything laid out in a specific order with all the steps neatly detailed exactly the way that would guarantee it to work?

Ok, let’s be real for a moment and come back down to Earth…

…you and I both know that this type of plan just isn’t practical in the wellness industry, there are too many variables and…

…in order to be a transformational wellness leader, you want to be unique with your own voice, right?

Of course you want to avoid the traps and mistakes to get something profitably working online or outside your offline practice…

…but the lack the knowledge, network, and relationships to build this in an effective manner can cause you to burn thru a lot of money and time while trying to avoid problems in support of your journey.

These are the same inevitable and unavoidable problems that you will face if you remain on this path… and by now you should have realized that.

However, It’s NOT OK to Stay Where
You Are Now!

…but you’ve probably already experienced some of this personally haven’t you? It can sneak up on you and steal your success… like getting the rug pulled out from under you again and again. If you’re desperately in need of a win, here’s one piece of wisdom that can start giving you wins as early as today…

Stop Chasing Things …

that do not work for the long term.

Bright Shiny Shortcuts” will end up slowing your progress and keep you feeling like a failure. It happened to me too…. more than I wish to admit.

The good news is that you can get off this hamster wheel of failure and self-doubt when you begin to apply tested and proven strategies to achieve incremental wins.

Avoiding the Bright Shiny Shortcuts are just not enough to really get a health and wellness business generating substantial cash flow.

That requires one more important step that… If it’s O.K. with you, I’d like to share with you right now?

It’s called YOU: The Brand Workshop.  Our step-by-step system for health and wellness professionals to clearly identify who they serve, the result they provide and the products or services the market will buy.

Through multiple stress tests of our new success blueprint, we can say with 100% confidence that it’s the only real way for health and wellness entrepreneurs to Own Their Expertise and grow their reach.

When you invest in the YOU: The Brand workshop…

Here's What You'll Experience

  • You’ll discover the blueprint method for monetizing your health and wellness business the right way…
  • You’ll feel more confident in yourself, knowing exactly where to start when selecting a niche, market, and offering…
  • You’ll regain control of your time, energy, and focus…
  • You’ll launch an expert brand you’re proud of, that your audience loves, and that can open new opportunities for you…
  • You’ll have total clarity knowing who you will serve, why people will buy, and how to successfully position yourself in a crowded market…
  • You’ll be able to spend less time learning, and more time doing what matters in your business…
  • And you’ll have all the tools to create a transformational experience in not only your own life, but the lives of everyone you touch…

I’m sure you’re wondering if ‘YOU: The Brand‘ will work for you, even if you think you’ve tried just about everything when it comes to owning and operating a successful online health and wellness brand.

That’s why we are backing this program with our…

'This workshop gets Results'

We refuse to take a penny from you unless we can really help you create a blueprint for the success of your online health related business. It’s only fair to you that YOU: The Brand not only meets the promises we’ve made…

…but we insist that it exceeds your every expectation.

If you follow this system to the letter, you will leave the workshop knowing exactly how to launch, monetize, and grow your expert brand with absolute clarity, or your money back!

It doesn’t get better that that… except for this:

This live workshop’s full price was $1,997… and with the tremendous value it can bring to your lifestyle business, it would be totally worth that and even more!

When you consider the time-saving benefits, plus the fact that there is not another system like it on the planet, even the $1,997 price to work with you to build your dream wellness business risk-free is like giving you a GIFT.

When you see the discounted price I’m offering you today for YOU: The Brand, you may think it’s a typo.


I want to give you


just for taking action today!

By committing to completing the Home Study version of YOU: The Brand, you’ll be saving $1,000 slashed right off the retail price today!

...all for One Single Payment of Only $997

'Results Or Else' Guarantee

With our “Results-Or-Else” Guarantee, you have ZERO RISK and the ABSOLUTE WORST that can happen is that you get your entire investment back.

If you have questions, simply ask! But the best way to see if this could be the key to unlock your expert brand is to grab the course, try it for 30 days and see first hand the clairity my blueprint will give you.


The You : The Brand Workshop Home Study Version