What Is the
Mindshare Mastermind?

It’s the place industry leaders, transformers and game-changers go to Get it Done and Get it Out There.

Our members are the courageous ones; the ones out there making a
difference and impacting millions.

Do you have a bigger vision for your business?

Do you want access to the the marketing and promotion strategies that have created dozens of New York Times best sellers along with the world-wide recognition that follows; or shorten your learning curve and implement “what’s working now” ideas from the smartest, savviest leaders in our industry?

Perhaps you need the branding, packaging and positioning insights that build worldwide platforms, or you want to collaborate with the most successful health experts and entrepreneurs who are thinking differently, transforming their lives and creating impact-driven businesses that change the world?

If so, you’re looking in the right place.

Welcome to the Mindshare Mastermind

I hope as you read this you have a bit of that excited, energized, and well… maybe even uncomfortable feeling we get in our stomachs when we’re close to a breakthrough.

That’s how I feel when I’m challenging myself to go to the next level. I’ve learned to embrace that feeling, because it always means a major breakthrough is right around the corner.

My guess is you’re here because you’re searching for ways to get to the next level, too – in your business or professional life, maybe in your personal life, and you recognize you were put here to create a positive impact and make a difference. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Perhaps anxious to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible, because none of us have any time to waste? Fortunately, you have at least two viable paths. Each with different probabilities of success, and different timelines. You can persist independently, figure it out as you go, learn from your mistakes, and with perseverance and hard work, reach your goals. Or, you can find people who’ve already accomplished what you need to accomplish, made the connections, developed the relationships,figured out the process and are willing to openly share their successes and failures with you, committed to helping you create a massive breakthrough in a relatively short period of time.

That’s the power of a Mastermind.

Both require hard work and tenacity. But when you leverage a mastermind group, you enjoy much greater clarity, confidence, focus and support than when you go it alone. You also accomplish things faster, with fewer mistakes along the way. For many on this path, their opportunity grows in ways they may not have even expected – like it did for my good friends, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, or Dr. Izabella Wentz. Personally, I chose the second path. I didn’t want to repeat any mistakes someone else already learned from. I didn’t want to waste valuable time trying to figure it all out. I just wanted to get to work, sharing my message by following proven, well traveled steps that would help me launch what is today something I could only dream about 10 years ago.

How about you? What are your dreams?

You actually have a lot in common with many of the most successful people you’ll meet at this year’s Mindshare Leadership Summit. They all started with just a dream, that became an idea, and ultimately a brand and business success. They all lacked the skill or experience to get where they are today. They all sat at a table with other health and wellness experts – and felt the enormous potential, but didn’t know what to do next.

The only difference? They made a decision.

They decided to collaborate with like-minded people who shared their passion, their values and their desire to make a difference. They decided to invest money to save time. They decided to invest in themselves, where they knew they would get the greatest return on their investment. This may surprise you, but your choice to apply for the Mindshare Mastermind isn’t actually about deciding to invest in the program. Dan Sullivan, co-founder of Strategic Coach taught me that any investment you make in your life or business is actually about YOUR FUTURE. The highest level health experts in the world don’t ask themselves if something is worth $25,000…they ask whether they are worth that investment. More often than not, the answer is: “Yes. I am.” 

Today, Mindshare Mastermind is the highest-level, most exclusive and most comprehensive mastermind in the world for health and wellness experts. Its members have included many of the top health and wellness influencers, entrepreneurs and brands you already know. They’re best selling authors, media celebrities, even investor backed 8-figure businesses.

Yes, Mindshare Mastermind can put you on the path to 10x your business and connect you to a network of the most successful health experts. But there’s something equally important: the potential to impact millions of people around the world. Think about that for a moment. Then accept that what you are thinking and feeling right now was thought and felt by every one of the experts that has gone before you. 

I started the Mindshare Mastermind with this in mind: You’re not just joining a mastermind. You’re designing your legacy, your difference and your future – and you’re doing it alongside the most successful health experts today. Your next level is beyond what you may even imagine right now – and the Mindshare Mastermind is your express elevator to it. If you’re reading this, then obviously you know your future is ‘worth it’. So when you say to yourself “Yes, I am investing in myself and my future TODAY,” get ready for your life and business to positively transform. 

If you’re ready to compress time, to solve big problems fast and to 10x your business, in a community where you’re surrounded by supportive, like minded peers who are on the journey with you; where you’re positively overflowing with patients and clients; where your message is impacting millions; where your legacy – the one you have started shaping right now — is so bright it’s a shining beacon of what’s possible when you say “YES” to the business and life you know you deserve and were put here to live, then I invite you to apply for Mindshare Mastermind – where we can take this amazing journey together.

You Join A Community of Go-Givers

“JJ, Karl and the Mindshare Mastermind played a big role in hitting #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. The … advice and support are amazing.”

Dr Izabella Wentz

“Mindshare, in a lot of ways, goes beyond health. It’s mindset. It’s body. It’s all aspects of health… people who are not only experts, but amazingly good-hearted.”

Robbe Richman

Who Is the
Mindshare Mastermind?

The Mindshare Mastermind experience can’t be quantified in just the number of calls or meetings. To help you understand what drives the impact or members experience, here are some benefits each of our members receive:

Three Mastermind Retreats

Beyond just collaborating and having a ton of FUN with your peers at these remarkable retreats, you’ll be discovering the latest strategies, tools and techniques to increase your reach and the people you serve, create a lasting impact and experience more personal freedom. You’ll also get structured masterminding, hot seats and a chance to get your most pressing questions answered. Then, there’s the down time to unwind and recharge.

The retreats for the 2020-2021 Mastermind year will be online with a Summer Leadership Retreat in Palm Springs, CA August 13th-15th, 2021. 


Private Mastermind Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group gives you a place to stay connected with your fellow members and discuss the best “what’s-working-right-now” business and marketing strategies, technical “how to” questions, and vendor / tactical recommendations from your fellow members.

Accountability Support

Most entrepreneurs struggle to stay focused and accountable, because it’s our nature to give and support others, or reinvent ourselves, even before our first idea is fully realized. Mindshare Mastermind members share their goals and keep each other’s momentum going with check-ins and accountability calls.  You’re never alone.

Office Calls & Specialized Trainings

Office Calls are your opportunity to ask Karl, JJ, our mentors and guest experts your pressing questions and get actionable answers. Each session is recorded, so you can refer back to it or catch up if you weren’t able to attend live. (But you will want to make these calls so you ask your questions and get answers.) You don’t need to wait until the next retreat to solve your problems. We’re here to help right now, when you need it. And, when the collective group can benefit from more specialized teaching, we’ll secure the expert(s) and host a special training.

Mindshare 365 With Mastermind Specific Training & Resources

You’ll have on-demand access to past office calls, retreat and event recordings and new, leading edge business and marketing strategies before they are generally known, including third-party trainings made available exclusively to our group.

As we develop tools during the year, we’ll share them with you. Tools like SOP templates to standardize your operations, resources shared from other members, and tools so you can make your different automation tools work together.

Plus, LibsynPro podcast hosting with dynamic commercial insertion.

Clickfunnels Premium

You’ll receive one year of Clickfunnels Premium and your own dedicated Clickfunnel’s specialist to help you build effective, profitable sales campaigns for your business. Plus – you get the exclusive “Live Support” button, available only to members of the Mindshare Mastermind and Strategic Practitioner program, providing live screen share support right in your account.

Health Business Growth Conference​

The largest business conference for health professionals.  Operations. Marketing. Hiring. New Revenue Opportunities. Plus more …Mastermind Members get the All Access Pass included in their membership.

12 Week Health Business Accelerator

The first done-with-you program designed to take any accredited health professional from zero to their first dollar from an online course, group program or private label supplement program in just 12 weeks. Strategy. Positioning. Messaging. Campaign Design. Paid Advertising. Optimization. Tech. It’s all included.

Health Business Growth Conference

The largest business conference for health professionals.  Operations. Marketing. Hiring. New Revenue Opportunities. Plus more …

You Join A Community of Go-Givers

“You just want to be around that energy, you want to be around the people that she (JJ) is able to gather together – it’s a group like no other.”

Dr. Debi Silber


“JJ has the great vision and Karl anchors that vision so that the ‘plane can actually fly’. The two of them coalesce to create a great package.”

Dr Joan Rosenberg

VIP Ticket
to The 2021 Mindshare Summit

The Mindshare Leadership Summit is a one-of-a-kind experience attended by the most successful health entrepreneurs. This, exclusive, invitation-only event is a shortcut on your journey to success. It’s the catalyst for impacting millions of people with your message and the best place to network with peers.  Mastermind Members receive priority access to breakouts, workshops and seating at General Session.

Your VIP credentials include:

Private VIP Reception and Before The Mindshare Summit

Spend private time with the speakers, sponsors and other Mastermind VIPs. This exclusive reception is your ticket to network with some of the best, brightest and most connected people in our industry. This access alone could be worth your entire investment.

Private VIP Pre-Party Before The Mindshare Summit Gala

Before the Mindshare Summit Gala, you’ll network with other VIPs at the pre-party, where new friendships are formed, business deals are made, and lifelong connections are created.

Three 30-Minute
1:1 Strategic Coaching with JJ, Karl or Our Mentors

Imagine getting to ask the most successful health business experts what you should or could do to solve your most pressing problem – and have them talking through the problem with you?

These calls are priceless, saving you valuable time and providing insight money can’t buy at any price. When you need to quickly find an answer or solve a critical challenge, our coaches have your back. These 30-minute SOS calls are designed to take you from frustration, worry or panic to BREAKTHROUGH in 30 minutes or less.

Exclusive FUN Activities to Connect with Your Mastermind Friends

This group is about working smart and playing big, building a lifestyle business and having fun with like-minded people on a similar journey who understand what you are going through. Successful people are focused at work, learn how to disconnect, have fun, and build strong relationships.

We’ve built the fun factor into this program with amazing excursions and one-of-a-kind experiences that will allow you to connect, play and grow close meaningful relationships with your colleagues. Some will become your closest friends who you’ll soon consider family. You will be amazed to see how much more you will accomplish together when you have fun with people who really “get” you.

Training to Up-Level Your Team

Getting everyone on the same page is essential for sustainable growth. That’s why our members receive access to HQ by Digital Marketer, a comprehensive online training program offering certifications in 8 core disciplines; including funnels, paid traffic, social & community, marketing analytics, content marketing, email marketing, search marketing and conversion optimization. ($3,000 value)

You Join A Community of Go-Givers

“… Karl’s drive and desire for excellence generated an outcome even better than I hoped for … promises a lot … delivers more.”

Dr Elizabeth Lombardo

“This has been a ground-breaking transformational epic part of my life.  A community of abundance-minded thought leaders that give freely and openly.”

Teri Cochrane

Why The Mindshare Mastermind?

Hear from JJ, Karl and Mindshare Mastermind members why this program is different than other coaching / mastermind groups.

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Personalize Your Program

If you need additional private coaching or strategy sessions to
really get your business dialed in, JJ and Karl are here for you.

Additional ½ Day Strategy Session
with JJ, Karl or one of our coaches.

One of the smartest decisions you can make for your business growth and profits is to spend concentrated, focused time in a room with the top people in our industry. The problem is being able to pin down busy, successful people to have any sort of valuable time with them…until now.

Our members have the opportunity to purchase 1/2-day one-on-one coaching with JJ, Karl, or any of our coaches. Collectively they are some of the most sought after health business experts. You’ll quickly get unstuck and leave with total clarity, a clear plan and actionable steps to move forward. These meetings are among the most intense, insightful, fun, and productive you’ve ever had.

Additional 30-Minute SOS Calls
with JJ, Karl or our Coaches.

It’s a fact of life. Action takers see more action and face more challenges. For you, it won’t be an issue with additional SOS calls at the ready.

Priority Access to Mindshare Retreats and Events

After working hard to achieve success, you’ll want to celebrate or reward yourself with time away to recharge, reconnect, and renew your own health. We all do. Past events have included a legendary Wine Cave Weekend,
Health / Spa retreats, Grammy outings and more!

As a Mindshare Mastermind Member, you’ll have the first opportunity to reserve your spot for these once-in-a-lifetime adventures.*

Sure, this is about amping up the fun factor and living large, but you’ll be amazed at the incredible connections you’ll make when you get around other people playing at this level.


Still not sure if the Mindshare Mastermind is for you? Here's what a few of our members have shared to help you determine if Mindshare Mastermind could be right for you.

“This is more than a weekend event. I have learned what that missing element is and I have collaborated with others at Mindshare to get me there.”

Dr Anthony Youn

“ … by far the most powerful group of health entrepreneurs in the country! The quality… is mind-blowing!”

Debora Wayne

“…helped me to exponentially expand my business vision… uplevel my mindset… I am thriving with even more impact and financial success.”

Dr Robyn Benson

“Mindshare gave us the opportunity to play at a bigger level. It’s a great community; diverse, different within the wellness community, different from traditional business.”

Brian Chomniak

“… I have friends for a lifetime… generous of time, spirit, advice and resources… enriched my business and life beyond measure.”

Dr Sheila Kilbane

“… this has been my dream… realized by following (JJ’s) strategy. Bottom line – JJ over-delivers… the community is like a second family.

Dr Kellyann Petrucci

Are you ready for the next level?

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, up-level your close circle of friends, and achieve more in one year than many accomplish in five, then you are invited to complete a brief application by clicking the link below, and speaking with Karl or JJ about your goals, opportunities and obstacles standing in the way of realizing your full potential.