The #1 Business Event for Health Professionals to
Collaborate, Innovate and Elevate!

September 26th – 29th, 2024
JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa

This Isn’t Your “Clinical” Health Conference…

The Mindshare Leadership Summit is an unparalleled, 5-star experience and powerful live event where health business owners, industry leaders and game-changing practitioners go to collaborate with their peers to grow and scale their businesses, so that they can  transform lives of those they serve and create impact-driven businesses that change the world.

We offer the highest training on business and product development, marketing and sharing your message, providing actionable takeaways for your health business. Whether you want to write a bestselling book, launch a product or find more empowered patients or clients that are the perfect fit for you, the Mindshare Leadership Summit connects you with world-class experts to help you achieve this vision. 

If you have a message burning inside, with a mission to change lives, the Mindshare Leadership Summit is a pathway to achieving a global reach and impact and the income to fuel it, all while embraced by a community of global game-changers who support each other, collaborate and elevate one another’s work, and pay it forward 24/7/365.

“Mindshare Summit isn’t about collecting business cards and sitting through lectures next to people you’ll never speak to again.

It’s about genuinely connecting, giving back, celebrating each other’s victories, and paying it forward. 

We know that relationships with other ambitious people are THE key to experiencing major breakthroughs in your business.”

Dr. Alan Christianson

New York Times Best-selling Author of “The Adrenal Reset Diet”

The Largest Leadership Summit FOR Health & Wellness Professionals Created BY
Health & Wellness Professionals



Accredited Health Experts and Industry Leaders

event to change the course of your life

You might be asking yourself is Mindshare Leadership Summit right for me?

If You’re A

Health Entrepreneur

And You Want To

Grow Your Business
Reduce Expenses
Develop a Dream Team
Establish a Leading Brand
Make a Greater Impact

So You Can Have

Free Time
Team Alignment
Peer Support

Your hosts at this years Summit



Mindshare Collaborative



Mindshare Collaborative


Mentor and Business Coach

Mindshare Collaborative

Summit Attendees Are Regularly

featured in


Teacher, Minister and Author of the NY Times Best Seller The Urban Monk

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Author, CEO, Urban Monk

Dr. Aumatma was awarded the “Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor″ award locally in 2015 & 2020, and as a top “Women In Medicine” Doctor in 2020

Dr. Aumatma Simmons

Holistic Fertility Specialist

Combining scientific knowledge with Eastern traditions and wisdom

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

Scientist and University Professor

Celebrity nutritionist, author, speaker, TV/media personality

Cynthia Garcia

Author, Speaker, Media Personality

Anthony Youn MD – America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon™

Dr. Anthony Youn

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Award-Winning Author, and Anti-Aging Expert

PBS Celebrity, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Bone Broth Diet

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Naturopathic Physician

Internationally acclaimed diabetes expert and author with over 27 years experience in practice

Dr. Beverly Yates

Creator of the Yates Protocol

Author of The Essential Oils Hormone Solution & The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Functional Practitioner and Author

Author of NY Times Best Sellers The Hashimoto Protocol and The Root Cause

Dr. Izabella Wentz

Clinical Pharmacist, Author

Named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness

Katie Wells

Founder and Chief Wellness Mama

Philanthropist, functional medicine practice success coach, international speaker, and author

Sachin Patel

Founder/CEO of The Living Proof Institute

“You have a message burning inside with a mission that’s changing lives.  At Mindshare Leadership Summit, you’ll learn exactly what to do to get your life’s work where it belongs – in the hands of those who need it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched social media or if you’re already selling online like a pro, you’ll meet experts who can help you take a big next step.

“The result was that I could take my passion out into the world and transform thousands of lives from it.”

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Founder of and Host of the paradigm-shifting “The Gluten Summit”.

Did you know we’ve launched more New York Times bestsellers, PBS specials and top health brands than any other community?

Mindshare is the ONLY place you can grow your health business without worrying about:

Whether you’re doing things the ‘right’ way

What Others Think of You

Whether you know enough – or are enough (hint: you ARE enough!)

Mindshare isn’t about collecting business cards and sitting through lectures next to people you’ll never speak to again.

It’s about genuinely connecting, giving back, celebrating each other’s victories, and paying it forward. We know that relationships with other ambitious people are the key to experiencing major breakthroughs in your business.

That all happens at Mindshare Leadership Summit.

New? We’ll make sure you feel like family before the weekend is over!

The #1 Business Event for Accredited Health Professionals to
Collaborate, Innovate and Elevate!

Hear how top physicians and health professionals feel about attending Mindshare Summit

“The people you want to meet are looking for you at Mindshare Summit. Ever wonder how certain doctors find agents they trust to publish their books? Or how do co-authors come together to collaborate on a new bestseller? Want to know how other experts land a key interview and suddenly find themselves with a year-long publicity calendar?

The moment I came, I realized this was a special community. A community that supports each other, gives back, and pays it forward.”

Dr. William Li

Internationally renowned Harvard-trained medical doctor, researcher, and president and founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation.

“Our training and keynotes are geared to give you actionable takeaways for your business and practice. Whether you want to write a bestselling book, launch a product or find more clients that are the perfect fit for you, Mindshare Leadership Summit connects you with world-class experts to help you take what you learn and IMMEDIATELY implement it.

Mindshare gets the voice out for those who have a voice of health and healing that needs to be heard.” 

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Board Certified Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Regenerative Medicine.


“I so love this group and always feel so blessed and grateful when we get together – however we manage to make that happen! Also, JJ Virgin – the way you create these experiences simply just works. Thanks for all you do to make each experience better and better.”

Dr. Debi Silber

Best-selling author and Founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute.


60’s Theme

Get ready to be transported back to the swingin’ 1960s at the Mindshare Leadership Summit!

We’re not only about growing your health business; we celebrate in true retro fashion too! This year, prepare for a dazzling 1960s-themed costume party that embody the glamour of the era.

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to blend business development and networking with nostalgic, unforgettable fun.

Put on your best 60s attire and make lasting connections at the Mindshare Leadership Summit,

Mindshare believes that your achievements deserve recognition for outstanding contribution and impact!

Our Mindshare Collaborative Community recognizes members’ dedication and exceptional outcomes!

Mindshare’s exclusive Pinnacle Award is given to ONE individual each year whose life work is making a profound difference. Recognizing a lifelong impact on the improvement of health worldwide,

And the Pinnacle Award goes to…


Dr. Jeffrey Bland


Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, FACN, CNS, is an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field. He co-founded The Institute for Functional Medicine in 1991 and is known to many as the “father of Functional Medicine.”

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Bland has traveled more than six million miles teaching more than 100,000 healthcare practitioners in the US, Canada, and 50 other countries about Functional Medicine.

Former Pinnacle Award Recipients

2022 Pinnacle Award

Dr Joe Dispenza

2021 Pinnacle Award

Dr. William Li

2020 Pinnacle Award

Colleen and Jason Wachob

2019 Pinnacle Award

Dr. Joseph Mercola

2018 Pinnacle Award

Mark Sisson

Where do you want to take your health business?

Are you inspired to start transforming your business— so you can be part of the movement to TRANSFORM the health of the world?

You’ll be Hard Pressed to Ever Eat, Sleep or Play This Well While Growing Your Health Business

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled 5-star experience at the breathtaking JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, where tranquillity and harmony blend seamlessly in a lavish oasis! During the Mindshare Summit, you will savor mouthwatering, chef-prepared healthy meals and indulge in exquisite culinary delights.

Forge lasting connections and nurture lifelong friendships in this luxurious setting, where elegance and excitement intertwine to create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your health business during the Summit in this stunning, world-class retreat!











Make your move now. Create more impact, today!

Mindshare Leadership Summit only happens ONCE a year.  Don’t miss it — or your chance to get in on the lowest ticket pricing available for this must-attend event 

September 26th – 29th, 2024





What's included in my ticket cost?

*Lunch, Dinner, light snacks & coffee/tea/water stations throughout the day

*VIP only exclusive dinner on Saturday night. General Admission ticket holders are responsible for their meal that evening

When can I book my room?

The room block will open for booking on July 15th 2024.

What’s NOT included in my ticket cost?

Attendees are responsible for the cost of the following items:

    • Hotel room stay for the duration of the event
    • Breakfast each day
    • Airfare & transportation to & from the event
When do my events start/end?

Mastermind & Mastermind Alumni – Entry to the event for Wednesday to Sunday (including evening events)    

VIP/General Admission – All events beginning Thursday through Sunday (not including events for Mastermind Members, Mastermind Alumni only)

Exhibitors – All events beginning Thursday through Sunday (not including events for Mastermind Members, Mastermind Alumni, and VIP only)

What is the closest airport to fly into?

The Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport – 9 miles/14 km away

When will the recordings be available?

90-days from the event they will be released to all ticket holders

How do I pack for the Summit?
  • For general sessions – dress in your style. Don’t worry about business-casual or business-professional or any of that. We recommend you dress to impress since this is a business networking event and the goal is for you to find new partners and supporters of your work. Wear what makes you feel like YOU and makes you feel your best!
  • Bring a swimsuit for the cold plunge in the Expo Hall and for the Sunday pool party
  • Bring your formal attire for the Gala Night
  • Don’t forget to bring your circus themed costume!
  • A light jacket or sweater is suggested for evenings as the temps cool down overnight in the desert
  • Bring a refillable water bottle and comfortable shoes for during the day
What is this year’s Costume Theme Party?

1960’s theme party – Miniskirts, fringe, tye-dyed elements, Woodstock and psychedelic themes

What day should I arrive/depart?
  • Arrival/Departure Dates: MM & Alumni – Sept 25th arrival and departure Sept 29 or 30th
  • VIP & General Admission – Sept 26th arrival and departure Sept 29 or 30th

The Best Way to Make New Business Connections IS TO

Make New Friends at Mindshare Leadership Summit!

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