Whether your book still lives in your brain, is ready to be published or is already out in the world, the upcoming full 1-day Exactly How To Workshop  will show you how to draft and craft a plan to use your first (or next) book to amplify your impact and your income.  

During the workshop you will learn the critical messaging that gets (and keeps) a book selling AND has people quoting your book! How to build and leverage meaningful relationships to ensure your book continues to have a lasting impact. The launch model that is most suitable for you based on your goals.



This workshop is for health experts eager to build a high-value revenue stream without trading more time for dollars. Whether you’re…Struggling to fill your calendar with one-off appointments or low-ticket services/packages…

Or you’re attempting high-ticket selling but under-leveraging or misusing the format…

Or you want to be less reliant on your practice for income and free up time and energy to focus more on scalable projects with significant income stream leverage…

Then THIS workshop is for you!

Exactly How-To


Do you want to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your niche, grow your email list, and FINALLY have a flood of leads to sell your products and services to?

Look no further, because we’ve got you! This workshop hosted by Mindshare Collaborative: “Exactly How-To” Execute a Profitable Summit that Grows Your List and Elevates Your Authority, is the ideal opportunity for you to learn the insider secrets of summit success.

Register or a comprehensive full-day virtual workshop — where you’ll be given the blueprint for “Exactly How-To” produce your first, next, or BEST summit yet!