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Mindshare community adds another dimension to your ability to collaborate, innovate and elevate your brand within the global health and wellness community. Find members, events and get the essential training you need to succeed.

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✓ Avoid the noise. Work with the leaders who are redefining health & wellness.

✓ Boost your visibility by connecting with top health professionals.

✓ Make connections to be featured on podcasts, speaking events, or summits.

✓ Get expert advice on business strategies, marketing, tech challenges & more.

✓ Showcase your events & offerings to a highly engaged, professional audience.

✓ Connect directly with other health pros who specialize in areas that align with your audience, interests and expertise.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re on an island, navigating the health and wellness world alone? Or struggling to get the peer support you need?

You know how important it is to build connections in your field, but it can feel like a daunting task — especially when you’re juggling a busy schedule.

You’ve gone to networking events, but there just aren’t enough that cater to the top level of health professionals like you. It’s tough to find peers and connect in your field.

Or maybe you’ve spent hours on social media, liking, commenting, and sending DMs to build your network, but finding the right connections feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Your work has value and finding valuable collaborators and partners is vital.

What if there were an easier pathway to connect and work with some of the best minds in the health and wellness space AND get the strategies & support you need to uplevel your business, immediately? We’ve got you!

Welcome to the Mindshare Community

This is where top health professionals and business owners connect, collaborate, and support each other, to expand their reach and elevate their influence and income.

It’s more than just an entry point—this is your backstage pass to the people, strategies & tools you need to, grow your business & deepen your impact …all in one place.

connect, collaborate & amplify

Network with like-minded health professionals, exchange ideas, and team up on exciting projects.  It’s all about amplifying your reach, boosting your influence, and achieving bigger goals together.

Showcase your events and unlock new opportunities

Got something exciting lined up? Let our powerful community know! Share your events and discover fresh opportunities by joining forces with fellow members.

Build your community

Dive into real-time collaboration and stay connected with your fellow members inside our Private Facebook Group.

Swap ideas on the best “what’s-working-right-now” business and marketing strategies, share insights on technical “how-to” questions, and get valuable vendor and tactical recommendations.

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The Mindshare Community Online Directory:

Find and connect with other health pros who share your mission, interests and expertise.

Expand your network and influence and discover exciting collaboration opportunities tailored to your specialty.

Special Events Calendar:

Be the first to know about upcoming events, workshops, and seminars happening in our community. Plus, share your own events too!

Don’t miss out on valuable speaking, networking and learning opportunities – we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

The Mindshare Private Facebook Group:

This is where all the real-time action happens. Share your insights, get the immediate responses and support you need to level up your business  — faster than ever.

Share your insights, get the immediate responses and support you need to level up your business  — faster than ever.

Get ready to supercharge your growth and success with our inspiring community right by your side!

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who are the members of mindshare?

Our Community boasts some of the most powerful and successful health and wellness entrepreneurs in the world. Leaders who you regularly see on bestseller lists in bookstores and guest starring on TV shows, podcasts, social media, print and online.

Our members include some of the best known, most respected experts in their fields. 

Collectively, they’ve earned the attention of major media and leading publishers who’ve rewarded them with over $70 million in book advances and produced docuseries, summits, masterclasses podcasts and more!

No other community comes close.

Here, you can make insanely valuable connections, get the highest level of support, and collaborate with global health & wellness go-givers who are ready to help you expand your reach and make an impact far beyond your wildest dreams.