welcome to the mindshare mastermind

who is this for?

health professionals who want to scale
their vision, impact, and income.

taking you to the next level

Our guess is you’re searching for ways to get to the next level in your business or professional life, maybe in your personal life, and you recognize you were put here to create a positive impact and make a difference. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Perhaps anxious to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible, because none of us have any time to waste?

We hope as you read this you have a bit of that excited, energized, and well… maybe even uncomfortable feeling that you get in your stomach when you’re close to a breakthrough. That’s how we feel when we’re challenging ourselves to go to the next level. We’ve learned to embrace that feeling because it always means a breakthrough is right around the corner.

Fortunately, you have at least two viable paths, Each with different probabilities of success.


You can find people who’ve already accomplished what you need to accomplish, made the connections, developed the relationships, figured out the process, and are willing to openly share their successes and failures with you, committed to helping you create a massive breakthrough in a relatively short period.


You can persist independently, figure it out as you go, learn from your mistakes, and with perseverance and hard work, reach your goals.

That’s the power of a Mastermind.

Both require hard work and tenacity. But when you leverage a Mastermind group, you enjoy much greater clarity, confidence, focus, and support than when you go it alone. You also accomplish things faster, with fewer mistakes along the way. For many on this path, their opportunity grows in ways they may not have even expected – as it did for our good friends, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, or Dr. Izabella Wentz.


We didn’t want to repeat any mistakes someone else already learned. We didn’t want to waste valuable time trying to figure it all out. We just wanted to get to work, sharing our message by following proven, well-traveled steps that would help us launch what is today something we could only dream of a few years ago.

How about you? What are your dreams?

Today, you have a lot in common with many of the most successful health & wellness practitioners. They all started with just a dream, that became an idea, and ultimately a brand and business success. They all lacked the skill or experience to get where they are today. They all sat where you have – and felt the enormous potential, but didn’t know what to do next.

The only difference? They made a decision.

They decided to collaborate with like-minded people who shared their passion, their values, and their desire to make a difference. They decided to invest money to save time. They decided to invest in themselves, where they knew they would get the greatest return on their investment.

This may surprise you, but your choice to apply for the Mindshare Mastermind isn’t actually about deciding to invest in the program. Any investment you make in your life or business is actually about YOUR FUTURE. The highest level health experts in the world don’t ask themselves if something is worth $30,000… they ask whether they are worth that investment. More often than not, the answer is: “Yes. I am.”

Today, Mindshare Mastermind is the highest-level, most exclusive, and most comprehensive Mastermind in the world for health experts. Its members have included many of the top health and wellness entrepreneurs and brands you already know. They’re best-selling authors, top podcasters, network, and social media celebrities, and even highly successful practitioners who figured out how to run a profitable business so they can focus on their visionary work while their competent teams run the business.  

Yes, Mindshare Mastermind can put you on the path to scaling your business and connect you to a network of the most successful health experts. But there’s something equally important: the potential to impact millions of people around the world. Think about that for a moment. Then accept what you are thinking and feeling right now was thought and felt by every one of the experts that have gone before you.


We started the Mindshare Mastermind with this in mind: You’re not just joining a Mastermind. You’re designing your legacy, your difference, and your future – and you’re doing it alongside the most successful health experts today. Your next level is beyond what you may even imagine right now – and the Mindshare Mastermind is your express elevator to it. If you’re reading this, then obviously you know your future is ‘worth it.’ So when you say to yourself “Yes, I am investing in myself and my future TODAY,” get ready for your life and business to positively transform. 

If you’re ready to compress time, solve big problems fast, and scale your business, in a community where you’re surrounded by supportive, like-minded peers who are on the journey with you; where you’re positively overflowing with patients and clients; where your message is impacting millions; where your legacy – the one you have started shaping right now — is so bright it’s a shining beacon of what’s possible when you say “YES” to the business and life you know you deserve and were put here to live, then we invite you to apply for Mindshare Mastermind – where we can take this amazing journey together. 

similar challenges, unique solutions

Looking at the results Mindshare Mastermind members have achieved, it’s not hard to understand why this is the highest-level health business Mastermind in the world.

Our members are learners.

They are collaborators. They are open to possibilities, and they get results. Want to know the formula to becoming a New York Times best-selling author? Ask any of our members, including Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Dr. Izabella Wentz, or Dr. Alan Christianson.

internationally recognized.

Want to know how to launch a nationally recognized PBS Special? Dr. Steven Masley followed the formula to remarkable success. Looking to establish a platform and grow your reach with email and social media? Talk to Dr. Anthony Youn who grew over 8 million followers on TikTok since joining.

diverse in experience, background, success, and contribution

It’s a unique place where 7-figure business owners collaborate and support the growth of each other’s businesses.

Here, you’re not alone. You’re among friends. Smart friends, who will help you achieve your big goals, and look to you for support as well.

Join A Community of

In August of 2022, I hosted a summit, and 46,000 people signed up. The post-summit webinar sales in 4 weeks totaled $172,000. I hosted 3 webinars and sold a private consultation for $700 to 245 people which took 245+ hours to fulfill. Over the next four months, the private consults resulted in another 300K in coaching sales.  With the revenue earned, I was able to retire from her Nurse Practitioner clinic job of 21 years and finally step full-time into her business.  

In July of 2023, I hosted a summit, and 44,000 people signed up. The post-summit webinar sales in 4 weeks totaled $500,000. I hosted 7 webinars and enrolled 500 people into a $1000 6-week group program which took approximately 15 hours instead of 245 hours to fulfill. Plus, the revenue came in immediately instead of over 4 months like the previous year. 

After the second summit, I offered a group program instead of 1:1 consultations. I was able to free up my time to work on other projects, plus shortened the time it took to earn the money, which resulted in more capital to reinvest in my business and hire additional team members right away.

Laura Frontiero

“I have a brick-and-mortar supplement store and a clinic. Last year we decided to bring our online store in-house and ship from the brick-and-mortar. We launched our Shopify on Cyber Monday. My goal has been to have $1000 days consistently every month on Shopify.  We’ve missed it all but 1 month by several hundred dollars a day. Last night at 10:30 we hit our goal for the first time and exceeded it by $1k. As we shift more and more over to private label business keeps booming! At the brick-and-mortar and online. Thank you, for always encouraging us to private label!”

Dani Williamson

“I LOVE the Mastermind community. This really is a spectacular group of humans. It helps to be connected to the community and know we all face struggles but are there to support one another.”

Gin Stephens

“And just like that, I sold my first 20k package. Thank you, Summer Bock and JJ Virgin for believing in me and giving me the courage to believe in myself. Sending love and gratitude to all of you for your support. I am so lucky to be a part of this community!”

Dr. Jenn Simmons

The Mastermind Experience –
You are not alone.

Let’s be real for a minute. It can be lonely out there. As health experts and entrepreneurs, we’re a unique group of people. We need a safe place to be together, share, and collaborate among friends to take our lives and businesses to the next level.

Whether it’s on our monthly web hangouts, at our quarterly retreats, or via our private online community, you will feel deeply connected and supported by fellow passionate entrepreneurs who are determined to make a difference. The bonds and relationships you make will last a lifetime — and the impact that goes along with it will be unlike anything you’ve experienced.

It all starts with the first gathering, where you meet your fellow Mastermind members, learn about their gifts, goals, and challenges, and share your own.

This is a group that “gets” you — Who understands what you’re feeling, the challenges you’ll face, and the obstacles you’ll need to clear to reach your goals?

This is also a group that celebrates your success. It’s refreshing, positive, and fun to experience the highest-level health experts in the world cheering you on!

We’ve curated a safe environment to share your struggles and challenges without judgment. Being an entrepreneur is a fast path to personal growth.

Therefore, showing up honestly with all parts of your business, the good, bad, and the ugly is essential to break through to the next level.

Is the Mindshare Mastermind For You?

leaders, transformers and game-changers

It’s the place industry leaders, transformers and game-changers go to get it done and get it out there. Our members are the courageous ones; the ones out there making a difference and impacting millions.

bigger vision for your brand and business

Do you have a bigger vision for your business? Do you want access to the promotion strategies that have created dozens of New York Times best sellers and six-figure book deals along with the worldwide recognition that follows; or shorten your learning curve and implement “what’s working now” ideas from the smartest, savviest people in our industry?

create impact. change the world.

Perhaps you need the branding, packaging, and positioning insights that build recognizable health influencers. Or do you want to collaborate with the most successful health experts and entrepreneurs who are thinking differently, transforming their lives, and creating impact-driven businesses that change the world?

If so, you’re looking in the right place.

The Mindshare Mastermind experience can’t be quantified in just the number of calls or meetings.

To help you understand what drives the impact of our members’ experience, here are some benefits you receive:

Scale & Systematize Mastermind Retreats

Three times a year, you attend retreats with trainings, experiences, networking, and parties to deepen your business and personal connections while accelerating the growth of your company. Through curated content, you will learn to execute effectively without overcommitting and burning yourself and your team out. You will be inspired by witnessing and celebrating the success of your colleagues while learning new strategies and ideas that can propel your business forward. 

I came home from the June retreat ready to rock! I created a list during our retreat with 10 actionable items to start on this week. I have already completed 4 of them! We have also officially put a summit on our list of goals. – Piper Gibson

Private Mastermind WhatsApp & Facebook Group

A Mastermind is based on showing up, sharing, and supporting. Stay connected year-round to everyone in the group in our dedicated thread and groups. 

Weekly Idea Labs, Specialized Trainings, and Laser Coaching Sessions

You will rotate through four distinct calls per month to provide the various resources we and the members have identified. Members come on and break down the steps of how they’ve achieved a new success in their company or we bring a subject matter expert on to share an enlightening concept or strategy to shift your business or mindset. Use Idea Labs to crowdsource ideas to solve your business challenge or create your next big income stream through focused Masterminding with your fellow members. You’ll get a chance to get on the hot seat for Laser Coaching to get clarity on the next right step in your business. You may walk away with a gem from watching other members get Laser Coaching from our stellar mentors who all have successful businesses in the industry.

Mastermind Vault

Exclusive access to targeted trainings from guest experts, fellow members, mentors, JJ Virgin, and other subject matter experts in our Mastermind Training Vault.

VIP Ticket to The 2024 Mindshare Leadership Summit

Secure your spot in the one-of-a-kind experience attended by the most successful health entrepreneurs. Our annual event is a must-not-miss, mind-blowing experience, and millions of dollars have been generated from the business collaborations sparked at this event.

Along with all of the other VIP events at the Summit, your VIP credentials also include a private Mastermind Alumni Reception before the Mindshare Leadership Summit to spend private time with Mastermind members past and present to network with some of the best, brightest, and most connected people in our industry.

3 one-on-one 45-minute Business Growth Sessions with an Expert Mentor

Imagine getting to ask experienced health business experts what you should or could do to solve your most pressing problem – and have them talk through the problem with you. These calls are priceless, saving you valuable time and providing specific insights. When you need to quickly find an answer or solve a critical challenge, Summer and the mentors have your back. These strategy sessions are designed to take you from frustration, confusion, or uncertainty to clarity and BREAKTHROUGH.

Had a few WINS 🥇to share! 🙌🏽. I was away on vacation for 2 weeks in August and ended the month at $155,000🎉 Had a $23,000 day🥳 last week and started September with a bang with a $21,000 day🎊 I hired an amazing NP to help with follow-ups on my high ticket programs 🥰and have a rock star coach to help answer questions and support my clients through their journey! Thank you for all your help and inspiration with the mentor‘s advice I saved $35k in unwanted expenses🙌🏽. I am working on my online store with inspiration from the Mastermind members who have done this already! Thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽💕💕 -Dr. Farah Sultan

WEEKLY MASTERMIND NEWSLETTER with exclusive  opportunities, announcements, and Reminders

Stay up-to-date with all Mastermind-related activities and get all the perks of first dibs on applying for, enrolling, and enjoying the amazing opportunities that come your way when you are connected with this group. Examples include video interviews at the Summit for Docuseries and bonus tickets to various events that are gifted.

Mastermind Coaching Portal

Easily schedule a call with a mentor and access all coaching notes and recordings in one handy location so you can track your progress throughout the year. Need that great launch strategy that a Mentor outlined for you? It’s all in the portal. 

Being able to access the recordings and coaching (mentoring) call notes in the Mindshare Coaching Portal helps me stay organized and not stress about where to find things later. I can look them up as needed and review them when I’m ready to take action on the gems and pearls they contain. – Dr. Beverly Yates

Quarterly Planning & Reviews

Each quarter, we do a virtual event to create realistic, yet audacious goals you can sprint towards. Our coaches are present to review your quarterly plans and give feedback, guidance, and support. The review sessions are one of our most highly-rated sessions of all as you get to be a fly on the wall as each of the members gets coached. Your decisions in your quarterly plans will determine which specialty group you join during the monthly calls where you support each other to make your dreams a reality.

Exclusive FUN Activities to Connect with Your Mastermind Friends During the Retreats

This group is about working smart and playing big, building a lifestyle business, and having fun with like-minded people on a similar journey who understand what you are doing and build strong relationships. We’ve built the fun factor into this program with amazing excursions and one-of-a-kind experiences that will allow you to connect, play and grow close meaningful relationships with your colleagues. Some will become your closest friends who you’ll soon consider family.

Complimentary access to all of the programs Mindshare offers

($10,588 Value)

You get complimentary enrollment in any of our programs such as our Exactly How To’s, (re)Launch Your Book, Execute a Profitable Summit to Grow Your List + Catapult Your Business, and Exactly How To Sell High Ticket Packages.

Your Next Income Stream Intensive ($495 value)

This is your FIRST step! Join us for a life-changing, one-day training to unlock your highest success, income, influence, and impact. This is the FREEDOM you have always dreamed of. 

  • Gain Strategic Clarity: Get a crystal-clear understanding of the Health Ascension model, with a roadmap to confidently navigate your way to sustainable success.
  • Embrace Profit Maximization: Discover how to optimize your health business for your highest profitability and consistent financial success.
  • Get Time-Leverage Strategies: Unlock the power of time-leverage, allowing you to do more with less effort. Create a business that works for you (not the other way around!)
  • Acquire Financial Freedom: Achieve the financial freedom you’ve always envisioned by implementing a proven model that paves the way for sustainable profits.
  • Create REAL Impact: Learn how to create a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of others, while securing your most powerful financial future.

Build Your New Income Stream Blueprint ($7500 value)

Unlock Your 6-7 Figure Income Stream Potential

If you’re aiming for an income breakthrough, this is for you! 

The #1 question we get asked is: HOW do I get it all done?
How do I integrate all of the information and new technology and turn potential into profit and progress?

What if you could create a 5 to 6-figure income stream with the next 10 clients who come into your practice – and help them create the best health of their lives? 

*** We are helping health experts do that every single day ***

At the end of the day, if you are handcuffed to your practice, you are literally an hourly employee. 

(And likely to be overwhelmed and overworked.)

Enroll in the Build Your New Income Stream Blueprint and discover the secrets to earning more, doing what you already do, and in less time. 

ISB at a Glance

  • 4-months of support
  • Bite-sized, easy to digest trainings
  • 16 Live Coaching Calls
  • Expert Mentorship
  • Thriving private WhatsApp group
  • Actionable assignments
  • Done-for-you materials
  • Mindshare Marketing System
  • “Get New Clients” Challenges


Module 1: Nail Your Offer – By the end of this module, you will not only have a finely-tuned offer but also a compelling message that resonates with your target audience.

Module 2: Enroll Warm Leads – By the end of this module, you will have honed your ability to convert warm leads into enthusiastic clients, making the most of your existing relationships.

Module 3: Generate New Leads – By the end of this module, you’ll possess a comprehensive toolkit to drive your income stream’s growth through effective lead generation and conversion.

Module 4: Program Launch Plan – By the end of this module, you will know how to use launches to create a buzz, build excitement, and guide your audience through an enrollment experience.

Module 5: Uplevel Your Business – By the end of the module, you will be able to enhance your business’ value and prepare for long-term success.

Complimentary access to three Exactly How-To Workshops

($1491 Value)

“Exactly How-To” Execute a Profitable Summit that Grows Your List and Catapults Your Business

Summer Bock, Sinclair Kennally, and Shivan Sarna are partnering up to share their vast experience hosting, executing, and launching successful summits. Learn how many speakers you need, how to get them, why sponsors are key, and even how to use a summit to launch your course or program to a new, warm list. Summits are a powerful strategy for helping you make a name for yourself, and be recognized as a trusted authority, in the industry.

“Exactly How-To” Sell High Ticket Packages

Sinclair Kennally shares her step-by-step strategy for selling high-ticket programs. It is important to vet your potential customers with specific questions on your application to book a call. Your discovery call requires critical questions to create a win-win situation for both you and the potential client. Many practitioners are lowering their prices without realizing that creates a discrepancy between their credentials and what they are charging. If people aren’t buying, it isn’t a problem with your price – learn these key strategies to charge what you are truly worth so you can free up your time to make the impact in the world you desire.

Exactly How-To (re)Launch Your Book

JJ Virgin, Liz Marshall, and Celeste Fine are teaming up to teach you all the aspects of launching or relaunching your book. Learn how to create a great book proposal, find an agent that supports you, and land a book deal that you’re proud of. Discover the keys to launching your book so you get the best chance at becoming a best-selling author like so many of our Mastermind members have achieved.

when you pay in full, you’ll also receive a special bonus

45-minute-Long Strategy Call with the Mentors

($2991 Value)

Strategy is critical to business success. If you don’t set up a solid context for the ideas, tactics, and techniques you’re going to implement in your business, it doesn’t just create a huge mess, but it could cost you money, reputation, AND even your business! Strategy is what ensures you are building a LONG-TERM foundation for success by making sure every idea or insight is the right choice at the right time for your business. This strategy call will establish a cohesive plan so every action you take to grow your business and make more money brings you a multiple on your time, energy, and investment. Without this call, you may do well; but with this call, you can magnify everything you’re doing. If you want to grow your business smarter and faster, this is a smart investment.

Still not sure if the Mindshare Mastermind is for you?

don’t just take it from us…

Here’s what a few of our
members have to say

“Being a part of Mindshare has helped me transform my practice. Thank you!”

Dr. Deb Matthew

“I love this group and am so grateful for all you do. I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to take over this business without your support. Thank you!!”

Margaret Floyd Barry

“Mindshare has taught me to get out in the spotlight as much as possible. Through the Mastermind, I have been featured on TV, and in multiple publications, I have submitted my book to the editor for editing and I am just about to launch my supplement line. None of this I thought was even possible before the mastermind. All of this has elevated my brand and I to be a leader in the Natural ADHD space.”

Dana Kay

My Instagram went from 30K to 65K in two weeks during my launch and is now at 82K despite my not posting much in the last 4-6 weeks due to family-related challenges. It helped my March launch beat all previous years with 265 enrolled. Social works! My 5-day challenge went from 6,000 registered last year to 16,000 registered this year. So while conversion from pure signs ups from challenge went down, we increased sales by 30% despite the price increase of course from $997 to $1297.

Claudia Muehlenweg

Personalize Your Program

If you need additional private coaching or strategy sessions to get your business dialed in, you can design your program at a deeply reduced cost (50% off).

Additional Half-Day and Day-Long Strategy Sessions

One of the smartest decisions you can make for your business growth and profits is to spend concentrated, focused time in a room with the top people in our industry. The problem is being able to pin down busy, successful people to have any sort of valuable time with them … until now. Our members have the opportunity to purchase 1/2-day or full-day one-on-one coaching with JJ, Summer, or the coaches. Our coaching team is comprised of a variety of experts who are experienced business owners in the health space. You’ll quickly get unstuck and leave with total clarity, a clear plan, and actionable steps to move forward. These meetings are among the most intense, insightful, fun, and productive 1/2 or full days you’ll ever spend on your business.

Additional 45-Minute Business Strategy Sessions with JJ, Summer, or One of Our Coaches

It’s a fact of life. Action takers see more action and face more challenges. For you, it won’t be an issue with additional business strategy sessions at the ready.

Are you ready for the
next level?

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, up-level your close circle of friends, and achieve more in one year than many accomplish in five, then you are invited to complete a brief application by clicking the link below, and speaking with one of our coaches about your goals, opportunities, and obstacles standing in the way of realizing your full potential.


Take a look at what’s included when you become a member of the Mindshare Mastermind.

3 Systematize & Scale Mastermind Retreats (Closed Door)

($22,500 Value)

Private Mastermind WhatsApp group to share wins and hold yourself accountable for what you’re hiding from


Weekly Idea Labs, Specialized Trainings, and Laser Coaching Sessions

($4,500 Value)

Exclusive access to targeted trainings from guest experts, fellow members, mentors, JJ Virgin, and other subject matter experts in our Mastermind Training Vault.

($21,000 Value)

VIP Ticket to the 2024 Mindshare Leadership Summit

($3,997 Value)

3 one-on-one 45-minute Business Growth Sessions with an expert mentor

($3,000 Value)

Quarterly Planning & Review Sessions

($2,000 Value)

Annual Assessment with a Coach

($1400 Value)

Quarterly Planning & Reviews

($2000 Value)

Weekly Mastermind newsletter with exclusive opportunities, announcements, and reminders

Mastermind Coaching Portal where you can easily schedule a call with a mentor and access all coaching notes and recordings

Complimentary access to all programs Mindshare offers including:

  • Build Your New Income Stream Blueprint ($9995 Value)
  • Exactly How To ($1491 Value)
      • (re)Launch Your Book
      • Execute a Profitable Summit to Grow Your List + Catapult Your Business
      • Exactly How To Sell High Ticket Packages
  • Our Upcoming EHT in 2024!


Upgraded Mindshare Community

($297 Value)


You Join A Community of

Sold two 4-month programs this week, gross $12,080, net $8,100. Both clients will become VIP members (BHRT +) after the program with 2K/year. I looked at my totals for 2023 this past weekend, and I’m 1/3 less year-to-date in gross receipts than 2022!🥲. I worked much less this year (caregiving plus a major house disaster/remodel), but still….🥲. Have to catch up, the plan for the year was to double up AND take December off….

Dr. Inna Lozinskaya

I interviewed one of the Oprah menopause doctors this week for an upcoming podcast episode (who reached out to me!) and we passed 400,000 downloads.

Dr. Jordan Robertson

“I have friends for a lifetime… generous of time, spirit, advice, and resources…enriched my business and life beyond measure.”

Brian Chomniak

“My win closing out the month with over $61K! That is with 7 1/2 patient days per month AND being away for 10 full days to Mexico and taking 4 full days to care for my aging mama. It is not just about the money but the people and lives I am impacting. The money is nice of course!

I doubled down with really believing I can do it all. We’re closing an average of 4 per month this year (a drop off from prior years) now the past month at least 2 a week thanks to the strategies taught by the mentors. 

For those that are doing lower amounts: don’t lose sight. I still remember when I hit $25K a month when I was starting out and how that was exciting. Now all months are well above that.”

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith