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Mindshare Collaborative is the premier community for health & wellness influencers and entrepreneurs.  It’s the place that physicians (MD, DO, ND, DC), nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, pharmacists, therapists, and business owners come together to openly collaborate, innovate and elevate the quality of support they provide their communities. Our members are here to make meaningful impact, create better health outcomes, while growing a sustainable business. Welcome to the new standard in cross-disciplinary cooperation, collaboration and support. Welcome to Mindshare Collaborative

The #1 Source for Health and Wellness Business Strategies, Tactics and Community Support

(That Actually Work)

The # 1 Coaching / done with you program to diversify, grow and scale, your business.

Working directly with our top trainers, mentors and coaches, you will up-level your authority, become the trusted expert in your specialty, and create a predictable flow of new clients – profitably. Tech, messaging, marketing – all included.

The largest business conference for independent health and wellness professionals.

The future of health is changing every day. New technology, new marketing strategies, new ways to find, serve and support patients and clients.  This 2.5 Day online conference will introduce you to the strategies, systems and tools responsible for business growth.

The premier annual event for trusted health and wellness influencers & entrepreneurs.

Attend, participate and engage – and you’ll make incredible connections while learning the latest proven strategies our members are leveraging for growth, plus – you’ll have more fun and make more friends than any other conference you’ve ever attended!  

Unmatched collaboration and coaching for those ready to take their business to the next level.

Exclusively for qualified professionals committed to mastering the strategies and developing their teams for next-level growth, the Mindshare Mastermind is where you come for advanced marketing, operations and partnership strategies.  

Become a Trusted Authority and easily add new clients to your health business without building complicated, untested funnels or spending a single dime on advertising in just a few hours a week.

The Trusted Authority Accelerator is designed to take success driven, accredited health professionals from overworked and underpaid to a Trusted Authority who effortlessly attract all the clients they need so they can work less, earn more, and love their business again.

Mindshare 365 adds another dimension to your ability to collaborate, innovate and elevate your brand within the global health and wellness community. Find members, events and get the essential training you need to succeed.

Are you an ethical, customer focused health and wellness influencer, entrepreneur, educator or other professional looking to collaborate with other like-minded physicians, coaches, trainers, acupuncturists, therapists and business owners?

Our private community is right for you if you’re seeking the best way to increase your impact and reach more people who can benefit from your expertise.



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