Welcome to The Health Business Growth Show with JJ Virgin of the Mindshare Collaborative! 

We give you the tools to attain time, money, and freedom through your health business by stepping beyond a time-for-money practice and into the world of health entrepreneurship. 

In each episode, we interview successful health businesses to learn their process, mindset, and the mistakes they made along the way. Success leaves clues, and we will be sharing them with you so you can model your health business after the best and most successful entrepreneurs in the business!

Today, JJ walks you through the Health Business Ascension Model. She helps you identify what phase you are in, what the next step is, and how to avoid the success traps at each phase of your business. 

Achieving success involves strategy, expansion, mindset, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. JJ teaches you how to move beyond the practitioner model, by learning new skills so that you can become a confident health entrepreneur. She reveals how you can take your business to the next level by learning new skills, strategies and ultimately investing in your personal development. 

The sky is the limit as a health entrepreneur. Join us as we endeavour to change the health business model and give practitioners like you the tools to reclaim your time, money, and freedom for your expertise!


0:02:00 The health business ascension model 

0:4:00 Understanding what stage you are at

0:10:40 Expanding beyond your practice

0:14:00 Shifting into being more

0:16:00 Stepping outside your core competency

0:19:50 Coachable optimization 

0:23:30 Scaling and personal development  

0:27:00 Sysytemizing tech, tools and team

0:33:00 Deciding to expand or pause 

0:38:00 Success always comes with haters

0:29:30 Diversifying your business 

0:43:00 Reaching stability: settle, pivot or repeat?

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

Mindshare Collaborative 

Memorable Quotes:

“You’re gonna have to learn some new skills, and you’re gonna have to get out of your core competency, and guess what? To continue to do what you’ve always done is gonna get you the same stuff, so in order for your business to grow, you’ve got to grow.”  [17:00]


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