Come prepared to take a deep dive into your current quarterly marketing plan and the analytics from the last 12 months of marketing efforts. This is an opportunity to have your marketing plan analyzed by an industry expert,

Lauren Powers and you’ll be able to make improvements and enhancements in REAL TIME. Let’s take the guesswork out of your marketing and apply a real strategy based on analytics and previous success.

Nat Kringoudis

social platform building

Help more people and make more money through increasing your online exposure without paying for traffic. Being seen feels like it is becoming increasingly harder as more and more people navigate the waves of being an entrepreneur in health. 

To be seen requires a few simple strategies that you can then apply to your social media, stage, podcast or even TV so you don’t get left behind. Your approach matters and it’s all about how you show up and be unapologetic in who you are and what you do. Learn the steps to entice, excite and grow quickly within your space to continue to position yourself as the leader in your industry.



Want to free up your time or your team’s time to focus on bigger personal and professional goals? Let’s analyze your current program delivery and related business operations to identify what you can optimize, systematize and automate to leverage time more efficiently.

After meeting with Program Delivery & Automation Expert, Jenn Malecha, you’ll be able to streamline your current program processes so you can reduce overhead costs and deliver better transformational results for clients while working less and generating more income.


risk-taking/resilience review

If you face challenges that include anxiety, burnout, low confidence, describing yourself as an imposter or you’re reluctant to raise prices or take the necessary risks to move your business forward, then it’s time to move these obstacles to success aside.


Meet with expert mindset strategist, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, to take a deeper look into the thought, emotional and/or behavior patterns that hold you back. You’ll come away with a multi-step practical plan to increase your confidence and ability to take risks, so you have the emotional resources and resilience to build and sustain the momentum that enables you to achieve your goals and desired success.



Great teams don’t just happen by themselves, they are created.

If problems with having the right team in place are stopping you from the success you deserve, this Audit will uncover the areas where your team (or lack of) may be sabotaging your long-term success.

It is no secret the work environment has changed in the past few years. If you are finding it harder than ever to attract, train and keep good employees, you are not alone. This Audit will examine what you must do differently in this unique employment environment to build and nurture a team that will run your practice like a well-oiled machine, whether you are there or not.

If you struggle with knowing when it’s time to throw in the towel and release an employee, we’ve got your back there too. We will also examine clues that can tell you when it might be time to release an employee, and how to handle the situation without creating bad feelings…or something worse.


High ticket offers

Your sales process is the lifeline of your business and your road to cash flow. 
Are your offers optimized? Is your sales funnel easily converting your ideal avatar, or are you pushing them away with unnecessary friction?
Review your sales process with Sinclair with this in-depth high-ticket offer audit.
In this step-by-step review of your sales flow, you’ll gain fresh insight and walk away with clear next steps to increase conversion, raise rates, improve stick strategies, and uplevel your high ticket experience.