Building a following of Superfans

In this episode of The Health Business Growth Show, Lauren Powers, a business and marketing coach inside the Mindshare Collaborative, shares her insights on using online communities to scale your health business. Lauren has over a decade of experience in marketing and has helped numerous health businesses scale their online presence and increase their revenue..

Lauren discusses the importance of creating an online community to scale your health business. She explains how Facebook groups can be a great starting point for lead generation and shares tips on creating a searchable group name and collecting user data. Lauren also emphasizes the need for a strategic plan to leverage the group for sales and growth, such as going live every week. 


​0:02:29 The Importance of Having an Online Community for Health Businesses 
0:03:27 Using Facebook Groups for Lead Generation
0:04:38 Collecting User Data from Your Group
0:06:16 Going Live and Bringing in Experts to Elevate Your Followers 

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Memorable Quotes:

‘’Creating a community of people talking about you all the time is what we call pajama money… when you’re making money in your sleep because you have these other systems set up to sell for you.’’ Lauren Powers


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