Episode 9 – Strategic Partnerships: Building Relationships That Lead to Exponential Results for Business and Brand with Elizabeth Marshall

Staying Grounded in Service and Networking with Integrity

Today on The Health Business Growth Show, we give you the tools to connect, build and leverage strategic relationships in your business. 

Elizabeth Marshall is the co-author of The New York Times’ Best Selling book, The Contrarian Effect, and is a publishing and brand specialist helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders increase their impact.

In this episode, Elizabeth teaches you how to connect with entrepreneurs who align with your values and develop life-long bonds that unlock limitless opportunities. Strategic relationships are the foundation of a successful brand, and Elizabeth helps you gracefully navigate the world of networking with integrity. 

Elizabeth walks you through some simple and actionable steps that even the most introverted entrepreneurs can follow to build a supportive network in life and business. Join us and start building your community today!


0:05:30 Elizabeth’s Origin Story 

0:07:00 Strategic Relationships Are Your Foundation

0:09:45 Why Relationships are Undervalued 

0:11:30 Criteria for The Right Relationships

0:16:00 Navigating Each Relationship with Integrity  

0:20:00 Staying Connected With Your Contacts

0:24:30 What is Possible with The Right Relationship

0:28:00 Building Relationships as an Introvert 

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Memorable Quotes:

“While there are trendy marketing strategies to use from time to time, there’s no bypassing the work and the commitment to the long game of building these relationships for the sake of them.” [9:10] Elizabeth Marshall

“We’re in the business of service, and that service is not just to patients, customers, and clients, but serving everyone. When we orient ourselves to playing the long game, that we’re here to make a long-term impact, and we stay grounded in that place of service, everything about relationships is easier.”  [32:37] Elizabeth Marshall



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