Building a Thriving Health Business: Lessons from the Experts

In this unique episode, we highlight some of the main stage speakers from the Mindshare Summit. These speakers include renowned experts in health, community building, marketing, and personal empowerment. They deliver impactful moments and talk about taking your game to the next level, overcoming fears and challenges, and the importance of habits and culture in achieving success.

Our first speaker, Brendon Burchard, Founder, and CEO of GrowthDay, the world’s #1 personal development platform, emphasizes the need to take one’s game higher and constantly strive for the next level. While working with various successful individuals, from Olympians to Fortune 100 CEOs, he discusses how they all share a common desire to reach new heights. This desire for growth is what sets successful people apart. He encourages individuals to strive for more, seek higher levels of service, and constantly work towards personal and professional growth. Brendon suggests that the success of a health business depends on the habits cultivated within the team and the overall organizational culture. By developing positive habits, a business can operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Next, Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert: a world-renowned Author, Keynote Speaker, communications strategist, executive coach, and Founder and CEO of the Intrigue Agency, discussed the importance of transforming oneself from an individual to an umbrella brand. She is on a mission to help people create quality communications that add value for all involved and emphasizes the power of necessity and the impact it can have on one’s drive and determination. By shifting from being an individual to aligning oneself with the needs and priorities of potential clients or associations, individuals can increase their chances of success and create a sustainable business. Sam’s personal story serves as a powerful example of how this transformation can lead to significant achievements and a better life for oneself and loved ones.

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Miki Agrawal, Co-founder and former CEO of THINX and Founder of TUSHY and WILD, discusses her experience with launching her book, “The Virgin Diet,” and how it differed from her previous books. She explains that she studied what it takes to make a book a bestseller and followed that advice precisely, resulting in changing results. This success led her to repeat the process with her other books and help other authors in her community achieve the same success. Launching a book for success requires more than just writing a compelling story. It involves understanding the book publishing world, studying successful authors’ strategies, and implementing effective marketing and promotion techniques. By following the Miki’s advice shared in this episode and attending workshops, authors can increase their chances of launching their books successfully and achieving their goals.

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Then, Radha Agrawal, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the global morning dance, music and wellness movement in five continents with a community of almost half a million people around the globe, explores what lights her up and what lights up other people. When we’re lit up and turned on, we have this pool of endless energy that appears to keep going and it becomes a permission slip to trust ourselves. She also emphasizes the importance of finding the right business partner.

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The next speaker is the world renowned women’s business coach and ultimate high performer Marie Forleo. She walks our audience through the pitfalls of imposter syndrome, and was named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation. She also shares her journey of realizing that trying to do it all was not sustainable and was hindering her potential for impact and success. She discusses how she took the time to evaluate her activities and determine which ones were draining her energy and which ones had the potential for scalability and impact. Ultimately she came up with the breakthrough practice of ‘’simplify to amplify’’ methodology. 

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Lastly, Lisa Nichols, a bestselling author of “Abundance Now,” and Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, encourages individuals to imagine the life they want to live, think beyond their current circumstances, and strive for their next level of greatness. She talks about the importance of continuously learning and staying updated with the latest trends and strategies in order to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. Lisa highlights the importance of expanding income beyond one’s primary practice, creating multiple streams of revenue, and surrounding oneself with a supportive community. By doing so, individuals can achieve financial independence and time freedom, allowing them to live life to the fullest and never settle for less than what they are capable of achieving.

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[00:04:04] Habits are key to success.

[00:06:05] Smartphone morning habits.

[00:08:37] Skill development cannot be an accident.

[00:10:45] Never limit your vision.

[00:14:09] CEOs and NFL quarterbacks.

[00:17:44] Raising necessity.

[00:21:23] Motivation and overcoming obstacles.

[00:23:33] Making your work relevant.

[00:28:23] Developing an in-vin story.

[00:30:45] Empathy telescope.

[00:35:12] Trusting the power of partnership.

[00:38:07] Belonging and joy.

[00:43:09] Rituals of your community.

[00:45:35] Outsourcing aesthetics for better results.

[00:49:09] Language as community building practice.

[00:53:41] Utilizing a time genius step.   

[01:04:50] Multiple income streams.

Memorable Quotes:

“Never limit your vision for yourself or your family based on your current circumstances.” [00:10:45] – Brendon Burchard

“This is how to position yourself to get paid to speak. Idea number one, transform yourself from an individual to an umbrella brand.” [00:22:00] – Sam Horn

“Beginning authors think that the hardest part of the book process is writing the book. While experienced authors know that it’s all about the launch process, to get your book selling and then keep it selling so that you can create the impact and income that made you decide to write it in the first place.” [00:32:50] – Miki Agrawal

“Being lit up is a permission slip to trust ourselves.” [00:34:35] – Radha Agrawal

“Simplify to amplify.” [00:56:55] – Marie Forleo

“Sometimes I’m blown away by who I was able to become, when I gave myself permission.” [01:07:30] – Lisa Nichols

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