Episode 11 – The Confident Clinician: Changing Lives of Practitioners and Patients with Dr. Jordan Robertson

A New Approach to Medical Education

Today on The Health Business Growth Show, we speak with Dr. Jordan Robertson about the future of health education. Dr. Robinson founded The Confident Clinician Club, a unique education program that goes beyond certification by giving clinicians the tools to independently learn and advance their health knowledge without relying on institutional echelons. 

For too long, clinicians have relied on the hierarchy of education to inform their patient care. Dr. Robinson has created a program that puts the power back in the hand of the clinician to research, diagnose and evolve patient care with the ever-evolving medical information. 

In this episode, we discuss how you can increase the effectiveness of your care and your profits by improving your ability to learn and evolve your medical knowledge. Dr. Robertson proposes a new approach to active learning that will dramatically improve patient care. 

Dr. Robertson will give you a peek into what is possible when you take control of your education. Join us to learn how you can become your own educator, researcher, and above all, a confident clinician.


00:02:00 Get Paid for What You Love

00:04:00 The Mind Behind The Confident Clinician 

00:07:00 A New Approach to Health Education

00:12:00 Discovering the Value of Your Expertise 

00:14:00 Creating an Unbiased Education System 

00:18:00 Changing the Way Clinicians Think

00:28:00 Designing a Program People Want

00:34:00 Creating an Indispensable Practice Resource 

00:40:00 Trusting The Process

Memorable Quotes:

“Students don’t always know what they need, and sometimes we need to give them hard situations and help push them to grow so that they can become bigger people and have this absolute potential.” [9:08] -Dr. Jordan Robertson

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