Episode 13 – Mastering the Art of Intrigue with Sam Horn

Write Dopamine Inducing Stories that Connect with Your Audience

Are you ready to write your book but don’t know where to start? Today on The Health Business Growth Show, we welcome Sam Horn, the queen of messaging, the author of Tongue-Fu, and CEO of The Intrigue Agency. In this episode, Sam takes you step by step on turning a boring read into the ultimate page-turner. 

Sam teaches you how to captivate an audience by getting to the root of your story. She teaches you how to systematically draw the reader into your world and tap into the psychology of completion to make each chapter more addicting than the last. 

Your story is only as good as you can tell it! Sam gives you the prescription for boredom and teaches you how to master the art of intrigue. Join us to learn how you can create original, dopamine-inducing content!


0:06:00 Why Books Are Vital to Your Success

0:07:45 Share Your Where!

0:18:50 You Can’t Edit a Blank Page 

0:25:00 Outlining Your Book

0:35:00 Show it, Act it, and Link What You Do

0:44:00 Connecting Instead of Impressing 

0:46:00 Your Life Is Your Lab

0:49:00 Craft an Elevator Introduction 

Links Mentioned in This Episode 

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Memorable Quotes:

“Your life is your lab, and if you want your work to be original, if you want it to ring and sing, then when the muse is nice enough to send you something, ink it when you think it. Jot those thoughts when they’re hot. Use it so you don’t lose it, and your work will come alive because you are leveraging the world, and that’s when your content becomes one of a kind instead of one of many.” [48:00] -Sam Horn


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