Episode 17 – Mic Drop Moments #2 with  Dr. Aaron Hartman and Nat Kringoudis

The Mindshare Leadership Summit is a game-changer for health professionals and business owners. It’s a unique gathering that combines facilitated networking, strategic training, and mind-blowing keynotes by industry notables. This annual event is celebrating its 10th year and promises to expand your impact and increase your income.

In our previous episode, we shared some epic mic drop moments, and you guys loved it! So, we decided to bring you another round of these awe-inspiring moments. Get ready to be blown away by the wisdom and insights shared by our amazing guests.

Special guest is Dr. Aaron Hartman, a Clinical Researcher and Founder of one of the largest practices of Functional Medicine in Virginia, shares his wealth of information and experience in this area. You won’t want to miss his mic drop moments!

Lastly, our very own Nat Kringoudis, one of our Mindshare Mentors, shares her personal experience of creating a new income stream through her Masterclass to Membership model. She discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic and her own experience with the virus led to increased engagement and trust with her audience. By solving problems in real-time and building trust through honesty and vulnerability, Nat was able to attract more clients and create a community around her brand.

So, if you’re ready to learn from the best in the health business world, tune in to this incredible episode of The Health Business Growth Show. You’ll gain real-world, relevant knowledge to help you build your audience, scale your income, and create a health business that’s truly worth it.


[00:02:09] Group selling correctly.

[00:03:34] Women struggling with health.

[00:08:09] Group enrollment calls.

[00:10:01] Motivation and obstacles.

[00:14:05] Group call benefits.

[00:16:26] The Mindshare Leadership Summit.

[00:20:10] Membership model and revenue.

[00:22:09] We’re having a recession.

[00:25:33] Becoming a reliable source.

[00:29:00] Creating masterclasses and trust.

[00:33:08] The membership retention.

[00:34:41] Reaching more people.

Memorable Quotes

“There’s three things that I continually do because of my model. One, I’m always providing value. Two, I’m always providing access. And three, I’m always showing my true professionalism to my patients, which again, makes it super, super easy to bump your prices up.” [00:24:29] – Dr. Aaron Hartman

“And we made another masterclass. And before you knew it, we had this library of amazing content that people were buying to watch. And so, what we’d done is we’d built trust. They loved it. They were coming back for more. And they, more than anything I realized, they were really looking for a safe community.” [00:29:44] – Nat Kringoudis

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