Episode 18- Elevating Your Health IQ: Harnessing the Power of Data and Technology with Boris Berjan & Dr. Beverly Yates

Cultivating a thriving health enterprise necessitates unwavering determination, innovative thinking, and boldness. While the path might not always be smooth, venturing beyond your comfort zone enables you to adeptly steer through obstacles and extract humor from the chaos. Today, our guests share their own stories of success and failure, providing valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey.

In this episode, we have some incredible guests joining us, Boris Berjan and Dr. Beverly Yates, who will be sharing their expertise and experiences. We dive into the importance of finding healthcare solutions that prioritize your well-being and provide actionable insights. 

A highlight of this conversation rests in our discussion on elevating your health IQ. With access to vast amounts of data and the ability to unite and analyze it, we explore how you can leverage this knowledge to make informed decisions in your business. From understanding diets to staying updated with the latest research, increasing your health IQ is crucial for building a successful health business.

Boris is the visionary Co-Founder and CEO of Theia Health, and Dr. Beverly is an exceptional health educator and an internationally acclaimed diabetes expert. Together, their conversation unravels the challenges faced by practitioners and individuals in the current healthcare landscape, and how Theia Health is revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare.

We also discuss the importance of networking and building relationships within the health industry. Our guests share their experiences of attending events and realizing the lack of representation for health professionals and business owners. Discover how building relationships and learning from your peers can expand your impact and increase your income.

If you’re ready to learn from the best, gain valuable insights, and take your health business to new heights, this episode is a must-listen!


[00:02:48] CGM technology and personal journey.

[00:04:06] Solving a personalized health puzzle.

[00:07:05] Aggregating patient data.

[00:12:37] Gamifying diabetes management.

[00:13:46] Improved efficiency with tracking technology.

[00:16:17] Food classifications can be misleading.

[00:19:30] Sugar alternatives and cravings.

[00:21:26] Future of health talk competition.

[00:24:23] Blood sugar and sleep.

[00:27:06] CGM and weight loss journey.

[00:31:34] Differentiating from other technologies.

[00:36:30] Understanding your health is essential. 

[00:37:08] Biohacking and longevity.

[00:39:22] Supporting healthcare providers’ decision-making.

Memorable Quotes

“I can guarantee you there’s a few things you think you’re doing that are healthy that probably aren’t. And by the same token, you might be needlessly depriving yourself of some things that actually aren’t disrupting your blood sugar at all.” [00:09:23] – Boris Berjan

“My approach clinically is to invite people to have a mindset for their long-term health, to play the long game and so that when they go on vacation, to do it in a way that is uplifting and enjoyable to them without being so extreme or abusive to their body and to their spirit that they will spend a solid month recovering from the vacation.” [00:22:56] – Dr. Beverly Yates

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