Are you tired of trading your time for money? Most medical professionals get stuck in this paradigm of fee-for-service transactions, but what if there were a way to increase your income and increase the impact of your practice? 

Today on the Health Business Growth Show, JJ Virgin teaches you the millionaire secret to exponentially expanding your capacity and increasing your profits. Listen in as JJ shares her top five income streams that you can implement in your health practice today that will free you from the time-for-money paradigm and liberate you from the success trap of a high-income profession. 

JJ teaches you how to assess your current business model to create programs that help your clients on their health journey with support, tools, and specialized attention. If you have a repeatable process that you teach your clients, you already have an online course; all you need to do is record it!

She discusses the benefits of developing courses and online communities and gives a step-by-step breakdown that will increase your client success rates. 

You do not need to do it all to be successful. 

JJ busts the myth that millionaires have seven income streams and shows the value of strategically diversifying your risks with incomes that enhance your current practice. With these strategies, you can have a lifelong impact on your patients and create space for yourself to enjoy your hard-earned money. Join us to learn how you can upgrade your patient care and secure multiple streams of income that will help you help your clients. 


0:02:20 Creating Multiple Streams of Income
0:07:30 Avoid The Success Trap
0:09:30 The Number One Secret of Millionaires
0:18:00 The Top Five Income Streams
0:35:00 Deciding Where to Start
0:40:00 The Health Professionals Playbook 

The Health Professional’s Playbook for Building Multiple Streams of Income

Memorable Quotes:

“If you want to have the time to take vacations, the time for three-day weekends, the time to write that book you’re dying to write, you gotta add more income streams, especially income streams that, this is the most important thing, that are not reliant on you alone.” [9:10] 

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