Episode 20- Mic Drop Moments #3 with Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo and Lisa Nichols

The Mindshare Leadership Summit is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the highlights from previous summits. 

You’ll get to hear mic drop moments from Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading High-Performance Coach, who will share his insights on personal growth and how it translates to all aspects of life. Marie Forleo will also be joining us to teach us how to escape the world of time stress and embrace a new time paradigm where it can make a quantum difference in your life. Last but not least, we have Lisa Nichols, an incredible speaker who will be at this year’s Mindshare Leadership Summit, illustrates the power of embracing new possibilities and discarding old limitations.

Brendon shares powerful insights on personal growth and living a high-quality life. He emphasizes the habits of high performers and how they differ from underperformers and highlights key qualities that contribute to personal and professional success and how they are correlated with high performance and long-term success. You don’t want to miss this!

Are you struggling to find time for yourself? Marie has the answer! She reveals a game-changing strategy to create more time in your busy schedule and escape the toxic cycle of stress and achieve greater productivity, joy, and fulfillment in your life.

“Embrace new possibilities, discard old limitations” is a powerful mantra that encourages individuals to break free from the constraints of their past and embrace the limitless potential of their future. This concept is beautifully illustrated by Lisa, who shares her personal journey of overcoming self-imposed limitations and embracing new opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this amazing episode of The Health Business Growth Show! Tune in now to hear from these inspiring speakers and gain valuable insights for your personal and professional growth.


[00:06:15] Anchor yourself, be present.

[00:08:30] Habits that matter the most.

[00:10:25] Deliberate habits and success.

[00:12:20] Generating energy and joy.

[00:15:10] High performers and teaching.

[00:17:43] Seek clarity in self and skills.

[00:21:10] Balancing work and family.

[00:24:39] Creating more time for ourselves.

[00:29:25] Toxic treadmill of never-ending stress.

[00:34:24] Becoming a time genius.

[00:37:12] Overcoming fear of success.

[00:39:51] Embrace new possibilities, overcome limitations.

[00:40:37] Permission to outgrow limiting beliefs. 

[00:43:55] Take action and trust yourself.

Memorable Quotes

“Habit number one of high performers is they seek clarity more often and with finer distinction than underperformers. Seek clarity. It doesn’t say get clarity, it says seek clarity, which is why you’re all here. We’re all seekers in some level in our lives, I’m sure. And so, you have to seek clarity. Here’s what we learned about high performers. They seek clarity in four areas more than everybody else.” [00:17:33] – Brendon Burchard

“There’s gotta be a better way. And if you’ve been saying that to yourself lately, I’m here to tell you that you’re right. There is a different way. There is a better way. It’s like a whole different time paradigm. One, frankly, that feels like paradise because in this paradigm, you actually have spaciousness. You have energy. You have joy. And we call this new world, this new time paradigm, the world of being a time genius.” [00:31:28] – Marie Forleo

“I’ll get it wrong a thousand times before I’ll get it right and I’m okay with that because I’m not committed to just doing it right. I’m committed to being in action. See, sometimes you get confused. You wanna make sure you’re right before you take action and the universe is asking for you. Please just take action. Please take action because you’re 70% right is 100% of what somebody’s looking for.” [00:43:36] – Lisa Nichols

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