Episode 29- From Burnout to Brilliance: Dr. Elisa Song’s Holistic Pediatric Success Story

Knowing your voice and taking action are key ingredients for any health entrepreneur or practitioner’s success, and our guest in this episode is a shining example of this. Through her determination and dedication, she was able to create a successful online platform that allows her to provide education and support to countless families.

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Elisa Song, a Holistic Pediatrician and Pediatric Functional Medicine Expert, where she shares her incredible journey from a burnt-out brick and mortar practice to building a thriving online platform. She discusses how she found meaning in her life and business and offers valuable insights on taking a stand and finding your voice in the industry.

We also dive into Dr. Elisa’s upcoming venture, a new supplement called Hello Biome, which she successfully brought to life with the help of the MindShare community, and discuss the importance of clarity in values and voice for health entrepreneurs, as well as mindset shifts needed to create the life and business of your dreams. We celebrate her accomplishments and discuss her upcoming book, “Healthy Kids, Happy Kids: An Integrative Pediatrician’s Guide to Whole Child Resilience.”

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice on growing your health business, this episode is a must-listen. Dr. Elisa’s journey from burnt out to thriving is a testament to the power of resilience, vision, and the willingness to embrace change. Her story serves as a reminder that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams and make a meaningful impact in the world.


[00:03:09] Feeling burnt out and stuck.

[00:07:50] Taking imperfect action.

[00:09:47] Know your voice, take action.

[00:10:12] Integrating holistic and conventional approaches.

[00:13:41] Practicing your voice and message.

[00:17:05] Hosting a summit.

[00:21:16] Copy style guide and branding.

[00:22:21] Mindset shifts around online marketing.

[00:25:09] Pediatric integrative medicine.

[00:28:17] Building an online audience is important.

[00:29:28] Pandemic and research into functional medicine considerations.

[00:33:21] Healthy Kids, Happy Kids.

[00:33:52] Comprehensive plan for children’s health.

Memorable Quotes

“But really it’s becoming confident in your voice that is the most important thing. And that’s been invaluable, whether it’s speaking at functional medicine conferences or being interviewed on podcasts or summits, or, you know, even being on media, it’s really getting very clear on your message and your voice.” [00:09:47] – Dr. Elisa Song

“And then you see where you stumble in your message. You hear and you feel when you get more excited about something. And that’s when you know, that’s my message.” [00:14:00] – Dr. Elisa Song

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