How to Get Clear, Get Noticed, and Get Paid

Has your brand gotten a little dusty? Today on The Health Business Growth Show, Trina Fisher redefines the concept of branding and gives you the framework to assess and refresh your business model.

Trina is the co-founder and right-brain of Left Right Labs, an award-winning branding and web agency that helps you reinvent your brand, business, and life!

Your brand is your reputation, and Trina teaches you how to reclaim your public image with three simple steps: get clear, get noticed, and get paid. Let your brand reflect your personality, so you can attract clients who love what you do instead of shapeshifting for your ideal customers.

Trina helps you overhaul the parts of your business that no longer reflect your brand archetype. Rebranding is an opportunity for you to stay connected with yourself and your clients. It’s so much more than visuals. Trina takes you on a journey of self-discovery so that your business harmonizes with your expertise and keeps you focused on what you love to do.

If you want to create a brand in alignment with your passion, tune into this episode of The Health Business Growth Show!


0:02:30 Is Your Brand Dusty?
0:04:00 Your Brand is Your Reputation
0:06:30 Getting Clear, Getting Noticed, Getting Paid
0:10:00 Finding Who Needs What You Love To Do
0:18:00 Uncover Your Brand Archetype
0:24:00 Consistency and Consolidation
0:28:00 Aligning with Your Brand Personality
0:33:35 Revenue, Optimization, and Identity


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Memorable Quotes:

“If you pause to get clear first, that’s really about helping you increase your revenue. Because guess what? Now you’re going to be offering the right offering, the right products to the clients for the right price, and most importantly, with the right personality.” [9:00] -Trina Fisher


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