Episode 30- True Stories of Resilience in Entrepreneurship and Wellness with Amish Shah and Dr. Dan Cardellichio

On our latest podcast episode, we share enlightening conversations with visionary entrepreneur Amish Shah and functional medicine expert Dr. Dan Cardellichio from the Mindshare Leadership Summit. Explore their journeys of resilience, professional growth, and transformative wellness. 

Amish’s story reveals his path to potential, highlighting humility, continuous learning, and the motivation behind his documentary. Dr. Dan discusses overcoming professional obstacles, the value of imperfect action, and his successful practice transformation. Their narratives underscore the power of adaptability, being coachable, and embracing change.

Tune in to this inspiring episode filled with insights to fuel your own journey towards success and well-being in your personal life, and practice. 


[00:04:36] Ayurveda and healing journey.

[00:06:19] A new documentary journey.

[00:07:49] Stay humble, treat everything as your first project.

[00:11:00] Telehealth and booking coaching calls.

[00:13:02] Stuck in multiple offices.

[00:17:11] Paying off debts and freedom.

[00:17:38] Take imperfect action and be coachable.

Memorable Quotes

“Treat everything like your first project. I think that was the biggest kind of feedback that I had to remember is kill the ego and start over. Pretend like you know nothing.” [00:07:58] – Amish Shah

“Listen, be coachable. Listen to what JJ has to say, Summer, and all the coaches. Take imperfect action. It doesn’t matter if you mess up and be humble during the process.” [00:17:38] – Dr. Dan Cardellichio

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