Episode 32- Strategic Risk-Taking and Investment Insights from Functional Health Practitioner Laura Frontiero

In this candid interview taken from the Mindshare Summit, discover the secrets of business growth and personal development with Laura Frontiero, nurse practitioner turned highly successful Functional Health Practitioner. Learn about her journey of self-discovery, the importance of strategic risk-taking, and the transformative power of investing in oneself.

Uncover how Laura navigated ethical dilemmas and public proclamations, overcoming challenges and making key decisions that led to her unprecedented business success. Discover how she broke through barriers, leveraged the expertise of mentors, and built a robust network.

Get insights into the significance of investing in team, technology, and personal growth for entrepreneurial success. Listen to Laura’s story of stepping out of her comfort zone, confronting fear, and achieving monumental goals through steady progress.

Tune in to this episode for valuable business scaling insights and motivation to trust in yourself and take calculated risks. Embark on your journey of personal and professional development with Laura’s inspiring story as your guide.


[00:03:05] The ‘before Laura’.

[00:03:48] Entrepreneurship requires risk and action.

[00:07:09] Golden handcuffs and retirement.

[00:11:38] Scaling and overcoming challenges.

[00:12:54] Success comes from perseverance and investment.

[00:14:05] Do it scared.

[00:14:57] Invest in yourself and take risks.

Memorable Quotes

“I’m really analytical and perfectionist and I have to make sure that I’m not going to screw up before I do something. And let me tell you, don’t do what I did. Don’t let anything slow you down. I could have done what we’re about to share with you much faster if I would have taken faster action.” [00:06:42] – Laura Frontiero

“Be willing to go through the ‘Hunger Games’. Be willing to have a new problem hit you every day that if you don’t solve it, you’re going to die.” [00:11:40] – Laura Frontiero

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