Episode 37- Marketing Mastery: Lessons from a Bestselling Wellness Author Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

You’ve got that inner calling and you’re ready to scale your health practice but you’re just not sure where to start. We hear you. 

This episode is packed with strategies from industry leader Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, best selling author who nailed high ticket consults which transformed her business into a thriving success.Gain insights as we discuss her transformation from hourly clinician to thriving wellness empire.

 A pioneer in Muscle-Centric Medicine, Dr. Lyon reveals how packages revolutionized client care and can boost revenue exponentially. Learn her impactful personal branding tactics across platforms and just how podcasts elevated her status as a health authority.Dr. Lyon breaks down her winning book proposal and podcast-fueled launch.

 In this episode you’ll find motivation from her authentic, quality-focused crafting of a hit publication.Lastly, leverage Dr. Lyon’s business-growing vision and be ready to feel inspired. Right here you’ll get insider details on her paid health app, summit experience and muscle medicine certification programs empowering more to succeed.

 This interview provides valuable strategies for scaling operations, building an influencer brand and developing high-impact products using health industry entrepreneurship expertise.


[00:02:06] Muscle-centric medicine and longevity.

[00:04:00] Personal success amidst business growth.

[00:06:40] The concept of muscle-centric medicine.

[00:08:02] Working with the special operations community.

[00:10:23] The synergy of Dr. Gabrielle’s career path.

[00:14:09] The birth of muscle-centric medicine.

[00:17:23] First shift and raising prices.

[00:22:07] Package models for healthcare.

[00:25:05] Hiring and growing your team.

[00:30:04] Simplifying complex medical information.

[00:33:02] Building a successful brand.

[00:37:28] Publishing house bidding war.

[00:42:06] Monetizing the podcast.

[00:47:33] Book launch strategy on Instagram.

[00:52:06] Creating digital products.

Memorable Quotes

“If you want to build something, you have to be a builder. It’s not about being a taker and waiting for the heavens to open and then an angel to fall from the sky to throw sparkling fairy dust.” [00:35:00] – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

“But I think that the big takeaway was I wrote the book. And if you want a unicorn of a book, have it be your idea. Write the book because nobody is going to be able to do a better job than you.” [00:44:31] – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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Book: Forever Strong

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