Episode 39- Fear to Freedom Part 2 : Mary Morrissey’s Formula for Creating the Life You Deserve

Last week, we began our empowering discussion with Mary Morrissey on rethinking fear and using visualization to manifest change. If you missed part 1, listen now to gain Mary’s perspective on facing fears through Brave Thinking.

Today, our conversation continues as Mary shares practical tools for bringing your visions to life. Discover her step-by-step process for taking actionable steps toward your dreams.

Also learn more about Mary’s pioneering Brave Thinking Institute and their innovative program combining science and art. Gain insights into how their approach cultivates prosperity across domains like health, relationships, career and finances.

Ready to get started on your fearless journey? Tune in for Mary’s profound wisdom on aligning your thoughts and embarking on the transformation you deserve. Your life of limitless potential awaits – don’t miss the actionable insights in part 2 of this series!


[00:05:00] Energy flows where attention goes – be mindful of fear

[00:09:00] Surrender to events you can’t change

[00:12:00] Vision sets frequency to manifest the impossible

[00:14:00] Healthcare professionals lose their dream in bureaucracy

[00:17:00] Life speaks through longing and discontent

[00:18:00] Unlived life turns into dis-ease and problems

Memorable Quotes

“There’s an art and a science to dream building. The art is in the vision, but the science is in the vibration, where you’ve got to hold that vision, even though it’s not happening out here, and watch it, things begin to align with it.” – Mary Morrissey

Listen to Part 1  :


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Learn more : https://www.bravethinkinginstitute.com/

Dream Builder Live: https://lifemasteryinstitute.com/go/aff.php?p=jj&w=DBLV_VPP_2401_jj

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