Episode 4 – The Emotional Topography of Health Entrepreneurism‌ with Jeffrey Bland

How to Reframe Failure as Research and Development

What if failure isn’t the end but the beginning of greatness? Today on The Health Business Growth Show, we welcome The Father of Functional Medicine to share his experience with failure, success, and the mindset necessary to impact the world. Dr. Jeffrey Bland created the path for practitioners to empower the public with knowledge, data, and an understanding of the human body. In this episode, Dr. Bland shares his most successful failures and how he used every misstep as a tool to create something bigger and better for the health of humanity. 

Functional medicine decodes ancient wisdom of the human body into an operating system that anyone can access to heal and thrive. Dr. Bland describes his journey from scientist to entrepreneur and how entrepreneurship enabled him to transform the healthcare industry as we know it.

Dr. Bland teaches you how to use failure as data for your success. During his career, he created multiple businesses and an empire that has enabled a generation of healers to empower the public to reclaim their health. Functional medicine is the beginning of the end of disease-oriented care. He describes how he used each failure as research and development for the next stage of the healthcare business. Join us as we uncover what it takes to create a  thriving health business that will impact the world.


0:02:00 Reframing Failure as Necessary Learning 

0:04:00 Lifetime Achievement Award at Mindshare Summit 2023 

0:06:00 The Entrepreneur Behind the Scientist

0:14:00 Managing Success and Failure 

0:20:00 Your Identity is Your Biggest Asset

0:26:00 Building Off of Your Failures 

0:31:25 Creating a Cash Cow to Develop Ideas 

0:34:00 The Birth of Functional Medicine

0:40:00 Creating an Operating System 

0:44:00 Divorcing From the Disease Care System

0:48:00 Get good at Something and Build On It 

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Memorable Quotes:

“My principle was to have such passion, in what I was doing,  that would be something that I would do for free. It’s just kind of driven me, all these years, to constantly be in search of what the next step may be, where the next boundary might be, what the next opportunity of growth in my understanding of life and its complexity.” [10:45] -Dr. Jeffrey Bland 

“In order to make them codified into our system, they need to have, what I call an operating  system, they need to be formalized, and what functional medicine tries to do is to provide an operating system based upon the principles of systems biology that makes all of these other historically valuable approaches to healing, able to be codified and understood at a level of who needs what, under what conditions and how.”  [40:14] -Dr. Jeffrey Bland


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