Mariza Snyder has built a multi-million dollar business serving women and helping them optimize their health and wellness. Her journey began with doTERRA which allowed her to establish herself as an expert and influencer. Writing her first book was a catalyst in quickly growing her audience and credibility. She now has multiple streams of revenue including books, supplements, programs, her podcast and affiliate revenue.

In this special episode hosted by Summer Bock and recorded at a recent Mindshare event, Mariza emphasizes how important building her community has been to both motivate her audience and help them stay inspired. As the company visionary, learn how she sets bold monthly goals and how she stays focused on creating high-quality content as her brand’s foundation. 

Launching her 8th book was a 7-figure project she planned for over a year. Mariza is motivated to help women optimize their health span and live vibrantly through menopause. She aims to empower women to age gracefully without chronic health struggles. Listen to this episode to hear more of Mariza’s business journey and successful insights!


[00:01:52] Building your audience for success.

[00:04:18] Business growth and trajectory.

[00:05:14] Streams of revenue.

[00:10:05] Community building through social channels.

[00:16:17] Setting goals for company growth.

[00:22:01] Transforming women’s health post-menopause.

[00:23:07] Leveraged income streams.

Memorable Quotes

“I think community always has to be a part of it. Because it’s hard to do any of this alone. Anything that we do, whether it’s business, or it’s health, or it’s relationships, everything is hard to do alone. And so, knowing that other people are going through it, that they have solutions, I think that really keeps the motivation and inspiration up.” [00:10:51] – Dr. Mariza Snyder

“I don’t know if I’ve always been a healer at heart, that’s always been my path, that I was meant to be on this earth for. And I always say that I help everybody by helping women. I believe that. That’s kind of the reason why I keep going. I wake up every day and it’s the work I wanna do.” [00:15:15] – Dr. Mariza Snyder

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