The journey of MindBodyGreen, the leading independent well-being media brand, is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and community. 

Our delightful guest, Colleen Wachob, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MindBodyGreen, together with her husband Jason Wachob, have built a premium brand in the wellness industry that has become a beacon of light for practitioners and enthusiasts alike. Tune in to discover how they navigated the choppy waters of entrepreneurship to create a thriving health business.

Colleen shares the secrets behind the success story with valuable insights into navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, the transformation of wellness into well-being, and the dynamic landscape of digital media. Join us as we explore the crucial role of community involvement and Colleen’s expert tips on establishing a sustainable business in the ever-evolving world of social media. 

In today’s episode, you’ll gain;

– actionable knowledge on building a brand that stands the test of time

– a deep dive into the evolution of wellness

– practical advice for those seeking to create lasting impact in the industry

– the nuances of social media and strategies as to the essential components of a thriving business and more!

 This conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the wellness space. 

Don’t miss out on this episode, where Colleen Wachob shares her experiences and expertise, paving the way for your journey towards building a premium wellness brand!

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[00:01:15] MindBodyGreen Founders’ lifetime achievement.

[00:05:01] Wellness media company beginnings.

[00:08:16] The impact of social media platforms.

[00:10:21] SEO uncertainty in an AI world.

[00:13:36] AI in health and nuance.

[00:17:02] The shift from wellness to well-being.

[00:19:01] Morning routines and biohacking.

[00:21:14] Biohacking for women.

[00:23:20] Building a diverse and inclusive community.

[00:27:01] Social media and growth strategies.

[00:31:47] Health coaching program details.

Memorable Quotes

“And I think that’s so important for entrepreneurs to hear that your business also must be sustainable for your health and your well-being. And it must be sustainable, yes financially, but also, you know, to you as a human being.” [00:20:35] – Colleen Wachob

“What are these like pillars of MindBodyGreen that are different from either other supplement brands, other media brands, you know, it’s kind of hard to put us in any one box. It’s really this idea of education. And we educate people on social intake, you know, complex things.” [00:29:03] – Colleen Wachob

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