Episode 5 – Health Coaches: Providing added revenue and reducing burnout with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

How a Health Coach Can Increase Profit and Patient Compliance

Today on The Health Business Growth Show, we meet with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum to give you the tools to enhance your health business with health coaches who have the skills to draw clients in and build the relationships necessary to encourage compliance. Dr. Scheinbaum is the founder and CEO of The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, where she trains health coaches in the foundations of functional medicine principles. 

With forty years of experience as a licensed psychologist, Dr. Scheinbaum understands the psychology of patients and knows how to train coaches that can recognize resistance and help patients along their healing journey.

In this episode, Dr. Scheinbaum shows how adding a health coach to your business can increase revenue and create rapport with your clientele. Compliance is the most challenging aspect of any health practitioner, and a health coach is the ultimate solution. 

Incorporating a health coach into your business equips your patients with an accountability partner. They ensure that your protocol is adhered to so you can have a more meaningful impact on your patient’s life. Health Coaches are not an expense but a profit center, and Dr. Sheinbaum teaches you how to package their expertise so that you can provide the best experience for your patients.  

Join us to learn more about how you can grow your business and increase your impact by hiring a health coach in your practice. 


0:03:30 Tenth Anniversary Mindshare Summit 

0:05:30 A Business Not a Practice 

0:06:50 What Is A Health Coach 

0:09:30 A Profit Center Not An Expense 

0:15:00 The Advocate and The Team Approach 

0:17:45 Finding A Coach that Fits Your Business  

0:21:20 Creating a Membership Package  

0:25:00 Data Monitoring 

0:26:40 Calculating a Salary 

0:28:00 How Health Coaches Have Transformed Businesses

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Memorable Quotes:

“They help people formulate goals, and then they help people break down into really specific action steps, so let’s say somebody has decided they want to start physical activity; ok, when are you gonna start? What’s it going to be like? What’s that first step, and how do you want to be held accountable, because they offer that accountability as well.”  [8:10] -Dr. Sandra Sheinebaum

“They’re thinking of services like an A La Carte Menu; it shouldn’t be that way. The best is to have a package, a membership program. Everything is included, and you market it as the value of each one of these components.” [22:15] -Dr. Sandra Sheinbaum


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