Episode 6 – The Health Business Ascension Model In Action with Dr. Alan Christianson

How to Systematically Grow and Scale Your Health Business

The easiest way to learn is through mistakes, but our goal here at The Health Business Growth Show is to help you avoid making the more costly mistakes as you grow and scale your health business. 

Today’s guest is the perfect example of what is possible with the Health Business Ascension Model. Dr. Alan Christianson is a naturopathic endocrinologist, New York Times Best Selling author, and one of the first members of the Mindshare Collaborative.

In this episode, Dr. Christianson walks you through his journey from over-scheduled clinical to creating a systematic protocol leveraging his skills to make a scalable impact with his practice. 

He speaks to the choices you must make along your journey as you sacrifice immediate money to create space for future freedom. You can achieve time, money, and freedom as a practitioner while impacting thousands within your niche. Dr. Christianson explains how he identified his primary focus and developed an easy-to-follow protocol that became the passive income stream he needed to free himself from the time-for-money paradigm. 

If you are ready to take the leap and commit to the Health Business Ascension Model, this episode proves that your vision can become your reality. Join us to learn what it takes to elevate your purpose and develop your health business into an empire.


0:03:20 Who Is Dr. Alan Christianson?

0:08:00 How Dr. Christianson Found His Niche 

0:12:30 Become an Imperfect Action Taker 

0:15:00 Create and Optimize Your Program 

0:18:00 Systematize and Put Your Foot on The Gas 

0:22:00 Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

0:25:45 Pulling in a Larger Audience 

0:29:00 Allocating Your Time for Long-Term Investments

0:32:20 Expanding Your Purpose By Helping Others 

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Memorable Quotes:

“The more people you reach at once, the less the depth of that connection really  is, and it’s not nothing, but when you’re actually with someone, just directly, you can have so much more of an impact, but it’s few people, so that’s the tradeoff.”  [26:13] -Dr. Christianson

“The idea of carving out time meant that I had to give up time in which I was available for patient care, so it was painful, both in the sense that I couldn’t do as much clinically, but also there was an economic loss. I saw no immediate gains from this time that was spent. It grew and it scaled, but in that moment, it was a step back, so there are times in which you have to make a painful decision about allocating your time that will give you interest down the road.” [29:55] -Dr.Christianson


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