Here is a rewritten version emphasizing the recap of 2023 highlights and forecast for 2024:

Before 2023 draws to a close, gain pivotal insights on the Health Business Growth Show recap and forecast. We deep dive into transformative online and offline trends that defined success this year. From thriving virtual ventures to impactful traditional marketing wins, learn what strategies delivered results. 

Plus, get an insider’s view of emerging opportunities and tactics primed to take the wellness industry by storm in 2024. Whether you operate online or off, discover how to optimize your approach for the year ahead.

Tune in now for your game plan to flourish in the excitements that lie ahead!


[00:02:00] Brick and mortar businesses.

[00:04:55] The HBAM Blueprint.

[00:08:37] Flow as a guiding word.

[00:12:30] AI and its authenticity.

[00:17:12] Education and tangible supplements.

[00:19:51] Old school marketing tactics.

[00:23:19] Rise of influencer marketing.

[00:24:36] Strategic planning for 2024.

Memorable Quotes

“I just want to go online. I just want to be digital, but being digital is hard. A brick and mortar with an established organic traffic that you spent 20, 30 years developing is the easiest way to elevate to the next income stream.” [00:02:11] – Lauren Powers

“I think we’re going to continue to see this trend is people want to belong in a community. They want to be part of something.” [00:18:38] – Nat Kringoudis

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